Location Of Coach’s Car And Keys In Dead Island 2

Location Of Coach’s Car And Keys In Dead Island 2:

In Dead Island 2, finding as well as unlocking lockboxes is an excellent method to get better guns. These lockboxes are all over Hell, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to unlock them.

The coach’s car is one of the initial things you’ll see when you get to Bel-Air. Here’s what you have to know to find the coach’s car and open it in Dead Island 2.

Where is the car key for the Dead Island 2 coach? There are a lot of rooms, cars, as well as lock boxes with important parts and guns in Dead Island 2, but it can be hard to find the right keys. In this case, you need the coach’s car keys to get some loot from a car in Bel-Air that is locked.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you where you can locate Coach’s car keys within Dead Island 2, so you can open Coach’s car and get a powerful tool.

Where Coach’s Car Is:

You can find the coach’s car at the intersection of Access Roads 781 and 782. To open that lockbox, you’ll need the car keys for the coach. But you won’t be able to locate these keys until you’ve gotten far enough inside the main story.

Lucky for you, Coach Ace is a weak zombie no matter who you meet. Also, Coach Ace was alone on the tennis court, so no one will bother you. You can use any tool to kill it, and it won’t be hard.

But kicking it down and hitting it many times is much more efficient. To get Coach’s car keys, you have to knock the zombie down several times and kill him.

Where Coach’s Car Keys Are Hidden:

You should be able to go back to this fight once you’ve hit the second or third area in Dead Island 2 as well as the special infected begin to appear. Go back to Bel-Air to open this lockbox.

Go to the car of the driver. This is where you will start. Since the zombie you’re looking for has a coach, you should be able to figure out where to look. If you look at your plan, you’ll see that Access Road 781, which is to the west of the car, leads to a tennis court.

If you go to this spot, you’ll see Coach Ace hanging out on the tennis court. If Coach Ace has a skull on top of its head, the fight will be tougher. You might want to try again later in the game.

Make sure to get rid of this zombie quickly. For this fight, an electric shuriken is a useful thing to throw because it will stop them in their tracks.

When you kill this named zombie, it will drop the keys to the coach’s car. Go back to the coach’s car and open the lockbox to get a new tool to fight the living dead with.

What’s In The Trunk Of A Coach Car:

Go to the back of the coach and open the trunk to get the Agile Golf Club, a new Dead Island 2 weapon. It’s a hard striking weapon that’s good for crucial hits to the head and gives you a small boost to your speed when killing zombies.

In Dead Island 2, that’s how to open the trunk of Coach’s car. You probably did not spend too much time searching for these keys too early, and now you should be able to use your new golf club as a striking weapon.


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