How To Finish The Mission Pawnbroker Handian Hints In Honkai Star Rail

How To Finish The Mission Pawnbroker Handian Hints In Honkai Star Rail:

In Honkai Star Rail, the tasks and things to do aren’t always clear. There is even a secret quest on the Xianzhou Luofu that you can miss if you don’t connect with a certain thing. This is how to finish the HSR quest to trade items with a pawnshop in Handian.

Most of the writing in Honkai Star Rail is good. There are funny lines and interesting plots that are worth paying focus to. Still, the amount of conversation and mental talk in the game is so much that even the the majority patient player will want to avoid it all.

If you’re the type of player who picks every contact choice without much thought, you’ve probably gotten into difficulty at Xianzhou Loufu.

The Pawnbroker Hendian mission needs players to be patient and pay close close attention to conversation and places in order to move forward. But the benefits are worth the work, and when the quest is done, players will feel like they’ve done something good.

Start The Pawnbroker Handian Quest By:

The Pawnbroker Handian quest starts in the area of Central Starskiff Haven at the Jeweller’s Pagoda pawnshop. If you aren’t nearby, you can employ the Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor to quickly get to the other side of it.

On the left side of the shop’s counter, there is something shiny. When you talk to it, you’ll find out that it’s a dirty piece of machinery.

The shop’s owner, Pawnbroker Handian, will give you a hard time for picking it up at random. He’ll quickly relent and subsequently begin pointing you to someone who could consider it more valuable. His tips won’t be a lot to go off of, but it don’t be long before you have some nice prizes.

The Dirty Mechanical Part:

In accordance to the pawnbroker, he caught someone talking about payback beneath their breath and thinks they’ll make an excellent use of the item. Keep in mind that this isn’t a real quest, so you can’t count on your map for telling you where to go.

Thankfully, the man you’re looking for is not far away. Just turn around and talk to the young man with a frown who is positioned near the empty anchor. Talk to him to find out why he wants to get even with you and why he’s looking for a tiny bit of machinery.

Then you’ll be able to give him the dirty part of the machine. Even though it’s not exactly what he’s looking for, he’s willing to take it and give you a locked iron box within exchange.

The Iron Box Trade:

Walk return to the pawnshop to find out how much you can get for the box. He won’t give you anything for it, but instead will tell you to go to the Spare Time Book Shop in the Exalting Sanctum. You can quickly get to the Court of Tranquilly Space Anchor then simply walk northeast to reach the shop.

When you get close to it, a sad woman as well as the owner will start talking to each other. The first group will ask them in a handy way if they have any iron boxes.

After hearing her pleas as well as talking to her directly, you’ll have the choice of demonstrating her the Iron Box. She’ll have a key to open it, and after reading what’s inside, she’ll give you a jar of dragon tears as a prize.

Trading The Tears Of The Dragons:

Go back quickly to the Jeweler’s Pagoda and talk to Handian the Pawnbroker. He will give one last hint which some IPC Xianzhou fans have come on board and might be interested about Draconic Tears.

This last clue doesn’t tell you where to go, but that’s because you won’t even have to move quickly to find the person you’re looking for. From the pawnshop, go to the right and walk to the tables beneath the green patio covers.

Talk to the man called Howard who is sitting at the first bench next to the bridge. Between talking about how excited he is and how much he likes Xianzhou culture, he will say that he wants Draconic Tears.

If you give them to him, he’ll end this trade by giving you the book. On Travel: When we got to the Xianzhou, we did the following:

  • 10x Stellar Jade
  • 10x Strale
  • 5000x Credit

If you do these things, the Honkai Star Rail Pawnbroker Handian Item Trading task will be done. Even though the benefits aren’t amazing, they’re still quite satisfactory for something that only requires you some time to do.

If you need help with anything else on the Xianzhou Luofu, like how to finish the Fired task or where to look for Yujin, our Honkai Star Rail tips have you covered.


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