How To Open Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Locks

How To Open Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Locks:

The best parts of Hogwarts Legacy are not when it tries to reenact scenes from the Harry Potter books as well as movies. Instead, the best parts are when it explores things that aren’t covered in the source material.

In Hogwarts Legacy, one of the best parts is when you get to go into Salazar Slytherin’s secret room. it’s part of Sebastian Sallows’ storyline, where he as well as the main character are searching for Slytherin’s diary.

In Hogwarts Legacy, it is simple to get lost and confused when trying to find Salazar Slytherin’s scriptorium. I remember becoming trapped within the Slytherin Locks room as well as having to run around to find the answer, which was hidden in plain sight.

It’s easy to get stuck on this hard task, but don’t worry the answer to the Slytherin Locks can be found on one of the doors inside the room.

We found how to get to the scriptorium, and if you follow the thorough steps below, you won’t have to work hard to solve this problem. Here’s how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy Slytherin Locks game.

How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy’s Slytherin Locks:

As part of the In the Shadow of Studying task, you have to help Ominis as well as Sebastian get into Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium by opening the Slytherin Locks.

As part of the quest, you have to figure out how to open Slytherin Locks to get to another room. On top of the three lock knobs with symbols, there is a snake. To solve the three snake problems, you have to match the symbols on the gate to the symbols on the snake dials.

Match The Two Marks On Each Gate:

If you look within the room, you’ll see three iron bars with patterns carved in the middle of each one. You have to match the two marks on each gate with the ones on the Slytherin locks.

If you put the right marks on the dials that are locked, the gates may open. On the keyboard, use Q and E to turn the top dial as well as A and D to turn the bottom dial. The same goes for devices. Below, you’ll find all the answers to the three Slytherin locks.

How To Open The First Lock In Slytherin:

To open the initial Slytherin lock, go into the initial space, which is located to the left of the main door, and look for a snake clock.

Utilize Confringo to light the spark next to the dial that is locked. Look at the picture above to find the symbols that go with the snake puzzle. Those are the ones that will open the first gate.

How To Open The Second Lock In Slytherin:

The second entrance to Slytherin Lock is right in front of the major door, and right next to it is a barbed iron gate. Look at the picture above to see what symbols are on the gate, then use those same symbols on the locked snake dial nearby.

The top of the gate is in shape of a circle, and the bottom is in the design of a snake. When you turn the second Slytherin Lock dial via the same symbols, the gate will open.

How To Open The Third Lock Of Slytherin:

Use Lumos to open the second gate and go through it to get to the third and last locked snake dial. The last snake lock unlocks the corridor’s main door.

Confringo can be used to light the flambeau next to it. Now, look at the picture above and match the symbols to it. The top of the gate looks like a jellyfish, and the bottom looks like a pyramid.

After you open the third gate within this room, you are able to continue on with the quest. You are also going to discover Noctua Gaunt’s notes, which show that she also came down to find the Scriptorium.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Crack Slytherin’s Scriptorium Door:

You have to light the braziers within the hallway to get into Slytherin’s Scriptorium. This needs to be done quickly, and each of them must be set on fire with Confringo. If you’re going too slow, the fires will go out, but you can try again and again until they are all lit.

After you finish this section of the quest, the door to the Scriptorium will open. Cast Lumos and go up the twisting stairs that lead to a room in a locked door.

You are going to discover a broken stone wall after using Revelio. Use the Reparo spell to make a backup as well as study the message that was carved into it. You must ask Ominis to use his parseltongue to open the door for you. In Hogwarts Legacy, this is when you find the Slytherin Locks.


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