In Hogwarts Legacy, Korrow Ruins The Solution To The Merlin Trial

In Hogwarts Legacy, Korrow Ruins The Solution To The Merlin Trial:

In Hogwarts Legacy, the Merlin Tests are all over the area around Hogwarts Castle. Solving these tasks is a key part of improving and adding places to a player’s backpack, so they may carry additional equipment or loot they find while exploring.

Some of these things are harder than others, so this guide shows you how to do the Merlin Trial near the Korrow Ruins within the North Hogwarts area of the game’s map.

In the Wizarding World, witches and wizards from all over the world have set out on a new magical trip. In the newest Harry Potter RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, players can go to Hogwarts School of Wizardry as well as Witchcraft, learn new skills, and fight tough enemies.

There Are Total 95 Task To Perform:

There are also many puzzles to solve, including the Merlin Trials, which are some of the most common problems in the open world of the game. There’s a total of 95 tasks for players to do, and when they finish them all, their store size will go up.

There are a total of 95 Merlin trials, and you have to find 94 of them. Early on in the game, you’ll finish your first Merlin Trial. After that, you’ll have to look for them in every part of the Hogwarts Legacy map.

Merlin Trials vary within how hard they are, and you can find them in every part of the map.

The Korrow Ruins Merlin Trial is the first of the 4 trials that players are going to discover in the North Hogwarts Region. Even though this Merlin Trial isn’t too hard, you’ll need the Confringo charm as well as to move quickly.

How To Get To The Merlin Trials In The Hogwarts Legacy Game:

You need to finish the Trials of Merlin mission in order to get to the first Merlin Trial. You may begin the quest by talking to a witch called Nora Treadwell. She shows up near Lower Hogsfield after you meet Natty.

Nora will clarify the basic idea, and then it’s up to the player to locate as well as solve various types of Merlin Trial tasks in the game world.

There Are Hundreds Of Merlin Trials To Perform:

Even though there are hundreds of Merlin trials, most problems have only a few ways to solve them. These include breaking down pillars, completing a platforming task, rolling a big rock down a hill, as well as putting small things into big dishes.

As you move through the Merlin Trials mission, you’ll start to understand what the game wants from you as soon when you discover the Merlin Trial.

If you fail a Merlin Trial as well as want to try once more, all you’ve got to do is depart the area as well as use the “wait” option to bypass a few in-game days.

How To Finish The Merlin Trial Near The Korrow Ruins:

Players may utilize the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame rapid transit point, that leads them to a Bandit Camp Castle, to get to this Merlin Trail. To finish the Merlin Trial in the Korrow Ruins, you have to light three braziers fast enough that the initial one doesn’t go out before the third one.

To do this, you’ll require the Confringo spell and a good viewing point from where you can see all three braziers.

The most suitable spot to stand is west of the Merlin Trial sign on the wooden bridge. Before you start, employ Confringo or Incendio to burn the plants away from the opening of the tower to the west.

Location Of  First Brazier:

The first brazier is on some rocks north of the bridge. It’s too far distant to automatically target, so use L2/LT to manually target it. Move farther northeast on the bridge if your spell isn’t reaching it. See the picture below to see what this brazier looks like.

The 2nd brazier is in the west of the bridge tower. See the picture below to find out where to find this brazier.

Location Of Third Brazier:

The third brazier is to the south of the bridge, on the right side of the river. The picture below shows how far away this third brazier stands from where the person is in the second.

Hit the 3 braziers quickly to finish the Merlin Trial while crossing another one of the 100 or so challenges in Hogwarts Legacy off your list.

With each one, players get closer to being able to add to their collection. When you finish a Merlin Trial, new spots open up at regular times. This gives players a sense of progress and makes them feel like they’re getting something out of all these tasks.


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