How To Finish The Fire Temple And Open All The Padlocks In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish The Fire Temple And Open All The Padlocks In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Do you enjoy solving minecart puzzles? Putting fans on minecarts as well as riding them such as roller coasters All for the sake of putting together puzzles? If you said yes, you’ll love the great Fire Temple in The Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom.

It’s full of minecarts as well as puzzles to figure out. Within Tears of the Kingdom, the Fire Temple is deep underground in Hyrule. It’s also pretty big, which can make it hard to find your way around.

It’s possibly the longest cave, with lots of minecart problems to solve. It also comes after a long trip from Goron City, up Death Mountain, as well as through the depths.

As it’s not the initial temple we’ve visited in the game, some of the pictures below will have small reveals. So you might see things that will help you later in the game.

We have all the answers to the puzzles you need to finish the Fire Temple as well as save Goron City from being stuck in a state of endless laziness. Below is a step-by-step guide to the temple that will make sure you aren’t missing a single gong.

To get into the Fire Temple, you have to finish the main Goron plot up until Yunobo takes you to the depths. If you follow the goal sign, you will get where you need to go.

Before you go into the Fire Temple, ensure that you have plenty of food, arrows, as well as metal weapons, that your health is at 100%, and that you are wearing Link’s Flamebreaker Armour, which will help you deal with the heat in the cave.

Getting The Fire Temple Done:

Like the other churches within Tears of the Kingdom, you will have to use your new friend’s unique skill to finish this one.

To open all five locks on the door you need to get through, you’ll need to find the five gongs that are hidden around the temple. You’ll require to employ Yunobo’s rolling move to hit the gongs, of course.

When you access the Fire Temple, go as far north as you can and talk to the Zonai statue to the right of the locks. This will open up a fast journey point and get the temple going for real.

The First Gong:

First, go back to the hallway you took when you entered the temple as well as check the side rooms. You’ll find a box with ten arrows and some tools, in case you require them.

Take the left hill up to the next level to move on. The other way doesn’t lead anywhere. At the top of the hill, jump over the lava river. On the other side, utilize the nearby hydrant to make lava pieces that you can use to cross the bigger lava pool.

Keep going until you see minecarts with supporters on them. Use one to move along the rails and shoot Yunobo at the big thing in front of you. This is a train changer, which lets you change the path that the cart takes.

Take the rail straight ahead to the following building, then turn left at the corner. There is going to be a fireball connected to the wall here. Kill it, but be careful of the fireballs it throws out.

Use Yunobo’s rolling move to break through the big coloured rock blocking the doorway to the next room. It doesn’t seem to work to aim your strike from the bottom of the ramp, so aim it from the top.

The first gong is hidden behind the rocks. Hit it with Yunobo’s rolling move, which will break the first lock.

The Second Gong:

Go back to the room you were in before and hit the switch here to open the next part of the minecart rail. Get back in the cart as well as ride it. During this part of the ride, an enemy mine cart might try to attack you.

If this happens, simply employ Yunobo’s strike to knock the mine cart into the lava below. When the cart stops, push the nearby button to make the cart turn around on its own, then go back inside. This time, shoot Yunobo at the object in front of you to switch tracks so you go right instead of left.

When you get to the opposite side, get out of the cart and use a tool that can break rocks to get rid of the small rock enemies. Then, hit the big switch near the following set of rails on the other side of the bridge.

This will bring the rail in front of you down to your level, so you can hop in a cart and speed to the other side.

In the next building, a water spout will make lava blocks all the time. Use these rocks to build a long bridge that will let you get across safely. Here is where the subsequent bell to ring is.

The Third Gong:

Cross the fire and get back to your minecart. Use the nearby tool to turn the cart around, but there’s nothing in it yet. Instead, shoot at the thing you utilised to lower the rail before, which is across the gap.

This allows you to raise the rail with you on the other side, giving you entry to the next level of the temple. Take the train. Take a moment to figure out where you are before going to the next floor.

There are ten more arrows within the close box. Pick them up now. There is also a button that can be used to start an elevator that is close by. This is a way to save time.

The first rails we’ll take are the ones that lead up to the next section of the temple, to the right of the wall full of devices. Since the right rail is broken, you’ll need more than an exhaust fan to get up it.

You can find some rockets on the wall. Take two of them and put them on both sides of the cart. This will give the minecart enough speed to get it over the gap.

Use The Ultra-hand And Connect The 2 Short Bridge Pieces Together To Make A Little Ramp:

Fight the build up here, and subsequently head to the back, where there are some broken bridges. Using Ultrahand, connect the two short bridge pieces together to make a sort of ramp that leads up to the roof, where you’ll find some multicoloured rock.

Use a rolling move to send Yunobo up this homemade slide, and the mottled rock will be destroyed.

As a prize, a big cube will fall from the sky. Get on top of it, then employ Recall on it to fly up to the following level, where the third gong is. Use Yunobo to hit it.

The 4th Gong:

Go back down to the earlier level. The complete rail can be lowered by hitting the close gadget. This time, go to the pair of rails which both have an object next to them.

The device will turn a rail to the left, and it will lower or raise a rail to the right. Hit the right thing to make the rail it’s connected to rise up, then ride a cart along it.

Use The Yunobo Attack To Knock Your New Enemy In Rival Cart:

There will be a new enemy in a rival cart. Apply Yunobo to knock it off. When your cart gets to the end of this line, you’ll have to turn off your fan because there’s nothing to stop you. It will slow you sufficiently to make it safe for you to jump out.

Walk up the nearby short ramp to get to a pool of fire where you can see the fourth gong. The goal is to use a lava slab ramp to shoot Yunobo up the multicoloured rock on the right, which will show a fire hydrant.

Then, use the lava slabs made by the hydrant to make a steeper lava slab ramp that lets you shoot Yunobo straight up at the fourth gong.

The Fifth Gong:

Turn around from the last gong as well as walk up the small hill to the right. You’ll see a big multicoloured rock on the other side of the gap. Utilise the ramp you used before to shoot Yunobo at it, which will open a door.

You’ll need to build a very long bridge out of lava rocks to get across the gap. Just keep putting the slabs next to each other until you have a bridge sufficient in length to walk across to the window.

The Last Gong Is Located At The Bottom:

Enter through the window as well as paraglide down the steep shaft until you reach the bottom. At the bottom, there’s the last gong, a switch to flip to open the door to the inner chamber, and a chest with a strong Zonaite longsword in it.

When all five gongs are rung, all five locks on the big door within the middle of the building will be taken off.

Now, go back there and use the Zonai platform to finally get into the curved-walled inner area. A big marble rock is in the centre of the roof. Shoot Yunobo up the curved wall to break this rock as well as show the boss.


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