How To Find A Battle Talus In Tears Of The Kingdom And Beat It

How To Find A Battle Talus In Tears Of The Kingdom And Beat It:

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Talus are a type of mini-boss enemy. You may recognize them from Breath of the Wild, and aside from a few exceptions, they are almost the same this time.

As you play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll meet all kinds of strange animals. These animals sometimes lead other animals into war.

The sole method to hurt talus is to hit them where they are weak. You can beat them if you use both long-range and close-range attacks.

They don’t have many strikes, but they hit hard. If you don’t have a lot hearts, this makes them hard to fight. Even though each type of Talus is different in some ways, all of them receive damage in a similar way.

The Battle Talus was a enemy that may be located all over The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It is a stone talus with platforms that Bokoblins can stand on to shoot arrows at Link. This makes it harder to take them down because there are more factors to keep an eye for.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Talus, the big rock that turns into a big enemy out of nowhere, is back in a way you wouldn’t expect.

Within Breath of the Wild, taluses came in many shapes and sizes. Stone, snow, fire, it doesn’t matter. Even though these types of elemental Taluses remain within the game, there is a much scarier type called the Battle Talus.

All Battle Talus Locations:

  • On the south of Lanayru Wetlands, near Sahasra Slope (1258 -1181 0111)
  • On the south of Hyrule Ridge, east of Washa’s Bluff (-1360 -0790 0010)
  • West of Hyrule Castle, near the isle north of Quarry Ruins (0206 0534 0001)
  • On Hyrule Field, near Mount Daphnes (-1360-0790 0010)
  • East of Hyrule Castle, near Crenel Road (-0774 0793 0001)
  • On Tabantha Frontier, near Strock Lake (-1447 1038 0137)
  • On Hyrule Field, east of the Hyrule Garrison Ruins (-0104 -0787 0041)

How Does A Battle Talus Work?

A regular stone talus was a huge rock enemy that looks like it can’t be broken through. Battle Taluses are upgraded versions of Stone Taluses.

They have platforms with Bokoblin guards on them to keep Link away. They have the same weak ore piece as the others, but you can’t climb on the levels.

Getting Rid Of A Talus:

As was already said, Tears of the Kingdom has a few different kinds of talus. So far, you’ve met Igneo, Frost, Battle, as well as Stone Talus, and each of them needs a slightly different strategy to beat.

When facing a Talus, arrows and the things you can fuse to them are going to be your best friends. The best way to kill them is to shoot at the weak point that looks like an ore accumulation.

Unlike other rock sources within the game, you do not require a hitting weapon to break the crystal. Any weapon will do, so use your strongest weapon in order to get it over with quickly.

How To Break A Talus Stone:

Your first goal is to get onto the Talus. To accomplish this, start by shooting an arrow at the crystal to briefly bring down the Talus. When it falls over, climb up the side of it, receive to the crystal, and start hitting it with a physical weapon.

After a few hits, the talus begins to shake, and you can either jump off or continue to strike it. This shake-off strike doesn’t do a lot of harm, so you can choose whether to focus on DPS or on keeping hearts.

Repeat shooting the crystal, rising, and striking as described above until Talus is dead. If you can’t get to the top of the Talus, you are able to strike from a distance with your bow and arrows.

If you put bomb flowers on your arrows, they will do AoE damage, so you are unable to be very exact. Keese Eyes are another good thing to join to your arrows because they will home in on the object you’ve locked on to. The Stone Talus is among the easiest of the Talus enemies to deal with.

How To Win A Battle Talus:

Especially at the beginning of the game, the Battle Talus may cause you trouble. The Bokoblins have taken over these Talus, which are like living castles.

The Talus has platforms, buildings, and towers connected to it, and it moves around like a huge castle. You aren’t required to kill the Bokoblins, but they are going to be a pain to deal with the whole time.

Apply Bomb Flower arrows to get rid of all the Bokoblins on a Battle Talus when you’re facing it. When they are on the ground, they are easy to deal with, and the Talus may injure them by firing at them.

Except for the Bokoblins, the Battle Talus fight is the same as the Stone Talus fight. Shoot the crystal to make it go down, climb up or employ Ascend, and hit the crystal.

How To Get Rid Of An Igneus Talus:

Igneus talus is the hardest to work with because you have to wait for them to cool down before you are able to climb on them.

You should make sure you have a lot of Ice Fruit or Ice Chu Jelly before fighting an Igneus Talus. These things will help you so much during this fight that you’ll almost need them.

Apply an ice fruit or Ice Chu Jelly to cool down an Igenus Talus’s body when you’re fighting it. This will cause it stop for a moment, giving you time to climb it with no getting burned.

If your shield is strong enough, you should stop attacks. If not, you should try to get out of the way. It’s not a good idea to use the dodge function because the hitboxes for strikes and avoiding are, at best, unpredictable.

When you destroy a Talus, it will drop something called a Talus heart. This is only useful when it is joined to a weapon. You can fuse it to anything you want, giving your tool a big power boost.

How To Deal With A Frost Talus:

Fighting a Frost Talus is basically the same as fighting an Igenus Talus, but in reverse. You need fire ingredients and things to melt the Frost Talus’s ice protection.

As always, the way to fight either Talus doesn’t change much. Just shoot an arrow at the weak spot to knock it down, and then move in to attack it. The method changes depending on the Talus element, but the main idea remains the same.


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