In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Marbled Gohma

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Beat Marbled Gohma:

The boss battles within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are a big step up from the battles with Ganon’s elemental forms in the previous game. In TOTK, they are up against bad creatures that seem to make the people of Hyrule unhappy just by being in the world.

The Fire Temple is one of the hardest levels in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but players should be glad that its boss isn’t too hard to beat. Marbled Gohma Scourge of the Fire Temple is the last enemy in the Goron tale, and it’s not as scary as it looks.

The Marbled Gohma Location:

The Marbled Gohma waits in the caves of Death Mountain, which is near Goron City. Once you’ve solved all the puzzles in the Fire Temple, you’ll have to face this marbled monster. With the assistance of your Goron friend Yunobo, the battle will be easy. Just make sure to get ready for it.

To encounter the Marbled Gohma, you must first finish the Fire Temple. To do this, you must ring five gongs and open the bars to the dungeon’s center area.

Before you go into this area, make sure your health is full, put on the Flamebreaker armor, cook as much food as you can, and gather strong metal fighting weapons. When you’re ready, go into the middle room of the Fire Temple.

How To Beat The First Phase Of Marbled Gohma:

The Marbled Gohma was a big, red-rock spider with four legs and a huge eye in the middle of its body.

Marbled Gohma will attack by stabbing the ground using just one of its legs, sending out an AoE shockwave that will harm the Link. It will also slam its body into the ground, sending out an even bigger AoE shockwave.

It will also fire regular bursts of three red rocks that will detonate after a few seconds. To stop them, you can either run backwards or use Yunobo’s special move.

In Marbled Gohma’s first part, you have to break its legs with Yunobo’s special move. When Yunobo starts to glow blue, run up to the guy and press A. He will transform into a ball that you can launch at the enemy.

In this fight, shoot Yunobo at the legs of Marbled’s Gohma. Once you break two of them, it will drop to the ground and Link will be able to jump onto it, just like when fighting Talus.

Once Marbled Gohma has fallen to the ground, climb up his body as well as hit it as many times as possible with close attacks.

At some point, Marbled Gohma will knock Link off, hurting him, and the part will start all over again. When Marbled Gohma was down to half strength, a cutscene will start the second part.

How To Defeat Marbled Gohma:

Yunobo and his moving attack are the key to beating this boss. As usual, use Yunobo to start the fight, and then point him at one of the Marbled Gohma’s legs. If you hit Gohma, you will break one of his legs.

If you break a pair of the boss’s legs, it will be unable to stand for a while. Apply this time to rush the boss, climb up its body, then use your best physical weapons to hit its weak eye.

When Gohams Body Will Shake You Have To Jump Off:

After a while, as the Gohma grows new legs, its body will shake. Make sure you jump off before this occurs, because getting shook off will hurt you a lot.

The first part of the battle is easy. Try to stay away from the Marbled Gohma’s strikes and aim Yunobo at its legs as best you can. Do this again and again until you reach the second step.

The marbled gohma is going to spend most of the second part on the roof. This time, you’ll be required to aim Yunobo up the curved arena walls, just like you did when you first started the boss fight.

In This Part You Have To Break One Of The Boss’s Leg:

In this part, you only need to break one of the boss’s legs to get the Gohma to fall down and be ready for physical combat. In the second part, your main goal should be getting out of any dangerous rock rings as quickly as possible. Then, try to hit the boss with Yunobo.

Even though it makes sense to shoot Yunobo straight up a curved wall, you won’t be capable to see the boss, which makes it harder to aim. Instead, aim Yunobo under the boss and towards the other end of the field. His rolling attack will continue long enough to make this a more effective plan.

Avoid The Gohma’s Attack:

Even though this will be pretty long fight for a boss, the best way to win is to carefully avoid the Gohma’s hits and give as much harm as you can when you can.

If you win, you’ll get a heart container, which you’ll have to remember to pick up yourself, since the game won’t do it for you.

Speak to Yunobo after the battle to finish the quest Yunobo of Goron City and see a movie. Once you’ve done that, the Gorons within the city are going back to normal, so you can start tasks and buy things as usual.


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