How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom Lost In The Dunes

How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom Lost In The Dunes:

One of the most interesting things regarding The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is how additional missions can lead to each other and how events that don’t seem to be connected can help you later.

The side task Lost within the Dunes is a good example of this. As part of a set of additional missions with the Gerudo Rotana,

You’ll have to find seven orbs that are spread out across the Gerudo Desert. One of them can be discovered at Kera Kera Bazaar, after the Gerudo Desert’s basement, but without its owner.

Within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, “Lost in the Dunes” is a small side quest that leads to a big questline later on. This is true not only for this quest but also for many others, since it is a common theme within Tears of the Kingdom.

Want to know how to finish Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s Lost within the Dunes side quest? As Link moves through Hyrule’s vast and beautiful settings, he has to do a lot of side tasks.

But only global task lines like “Investigate the Typhlo Ruins” or “The Mysterious Eighth” can assist you learn more about the past of the Hyrule world while earning the best prizes.

The Mysterious Eighth Journey is made up of eight side tasks. When you finish all of them, you will get a lot of gems as well as a new weapon and shield for the Gerudo. Within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, among the stages is the Lost within the Dunes quest. Today, we’ll tell you how to finish it.

Gerudo Desert is full of secrets, particularly when players explore it initially without doing any of the action in Tears of the Kingdom. It is the site of one of the hardest adventure quests, which requires players to find their way around without a guide.

This guide shows how to finish Lost within the Dunes so that no one else must spend hours walking through the storms looking for holes to fall into.

How To Begin “Lost In The Dunes”:

The “Lost in the Dunes” side quest can be started within the Gerudo Desert Region of Tears of the Kingdom at the Kara Kara Bazar. The market is in a town that is right next to the road that goes forward from the Gerudo Desert Gateway.

The Kara Kara Bazar is at the following coordinates: -3273, -2551, 0023. Note that once you reach Kara Kara Bazar, the map may no longer work, but you will still be able to see the locations.

But before you start this quest, make sure you’ve unlocked the Lightening Temple, which is south of the Kara Kara Bazar and next to the Southern Oasis.

Now, when you’re in the bazaar, go to the southwest corner of the market, near the inn, to find a trader. Talk to Benja the shopkeeper, and he’ll tell you that a single of his friends, Pontho, might have fallen onto a pit and needs your aid.

Lost In The Dunes How To Finish:

Find the lost caravaner is the objective of this quest. We had been pinned on that for a long time because we felt they were somewhere up there that Link saw above the clouds.

So, we passed hours seeking them on the greatest points we could locate, killing monsters while assisting the people as we went.

You Have To Fell Into Any Mud Pits:

But it wasn’t until we went back to the person who gave us the quest and listened to them once more that we realized that we probably fell into one of the mud pits that are all over the Gerudo Desert.

Where something is Within Tears of the Kingdom, Link has to go to Lost in the Dunes, a mud pit at -3354, -2694, and -0001 on the map. This hole goes to the Oasis Source cave, which is connected to Kara Kara Bazaar.

Use A Paraglider Instead Of Running Around:

Link has to run off of the settlement’s western gate, which is the one the mission giver tells them to go to, and look around near the main road to Gerudo Town. Link can find it pretty easily if they run around instead of via their paraglider to look around.

Link will find Ponthos, the lost caravaner, inside the cave. He is stuck and can’t figure out how to get out. Follow the water and players will come across rocks blocking the primary path, but there are enough things around to make it easy to break through them.

Employ Fuse To Connect Rock To Your Weapon:

Use Fuse to connect a rock to your weapon and crash through the main road. Once Link gets to the last room, where they are able to observe a ladder, Ponthos is going to ascend to Kara Kara Bazaar to see his friends.

Before going, you should go back to the cave and smash the blue as well as black rock walls. Players are able to obtain all kinds of materials as well as even the tiny Bubbul Gem. When the cave has become vacant, go up to the village and find the person who gave you the quest to finish it.

A big sphere is the only thing they can give Link as a prize. This sphere is thought to be rare because it has a sign on it and looks old. Link can’t put it inside his pack, so they’ll have to find a good place within Kara Kara Bazaar to use it.


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