How To Trick The Bosses In Destiny 2’s Ghosts Of The Deep Dungeon

How To Trick The Bosses In Destiny 2’s Ghosts Of The Deep Dungeon:

Ghosts of the Deep was the newest level to be added to Destiny 2 within Season 21, which will test even the most experienced Guardians.

This dungeon is on Titan, and it takes players deep below the top of the ocean on this old-new world to face an old enemy within a race in opposition to time. In this guide, we’ll talk about loot tables, a tour of this scary dungeon, prizes, tips, and methods to cheat it.

Destiny Two players are always putting Bungie to the test by coming up with new ways to beat bosses and other tough enemies. Ghosts of the Deep, the newest level in Destiny 2, is where the newest cheese was found.

With this cheese, players will use a very special Exotic Grenade Launcher to win Ghosts of the Deep easily, whether they are playing on Master level or just Normal game.

The Ghost of the Deep Dungeon within Destiny 2 Season of the Deep ranks as one of the best and hardest dungeons that have been added to the game so far. This is mostly because the health bars of both of the bosses are so big.

Both had over ten million hit points, and hordes of smaller foes are all around them. But what if I told you that almost none of it was your problem? Well, you don’t have to if you use the cheese plan in this book.

The cheese was an excellent method to farm for new weapons and gear, especially since players don’t have to do much other than keep shooting with the same weapon.

There won’t be a problem with ammo, and a team wipe won’t be a problem either. Destiny 2¬†Ghosts of the Deep cheese provides the way to win and success, which is filled with loot.

Bring A Friend To Help You Win The Battle:

One of the things you have to do to get this Destiny 2 cheddar has to be to recruit a fellow Guardian. This is since players must perish in order to make the broken cheese work, which will slowly lower the boss’s health.

If the player brings another Guardian, there isn’t any risk of a wipe, since the player can be easily brought back to life to deal damage again and again if necessary.

Ghosts of the Deep players can’t do this trick on their own, so they need to identify a friend, group member, or even an individual in Destiny 2 LFG who’s ready to do it.

Ghost of the Deep Dungeon cheese doesn’t do much, especially in opposition to the second boss. Use Wither-hoard. This is the plan. All done. Basically.

For the initial boss fight against Ecthar, the Knight boss, enter with a fireteam to have your Wither-hoard user hit him with damage over time, then let them die while the damage goes away. You can bring your friend back to life right away and repeat Wither-hoard DoT every so often.

Ecthar won’t go back underwater as long as you don’t kill all three Knight mini-bosses. You can keep doing this until he’s beaten. If the DoT stops for any reason, your Wither-hoard owner is going to have to die again, but that’s the only other rule.

Even less work is needed to make Simmumah. Even better, you don’t have to do anything but begin the fight. Tag the Wizard with Witherhoard as well as wait before you try to kill the Hive Ghost and bring Oryx back to life.

All done. I kind of wish it wasn’t true, but if you don’t start the fight the right way, the boss just sits there taking damage and waiting to die. You can even use the Supers Nova Bomb as well as Well of Radiance to do more harm. The fight hasn’t started yet.

You can use these techniques on both the standard as well as master levels, but on the master difficulty, you’ll have to contend with mobs that are stronger.

How To Get Ammo From The Wither-hoard:

Since the Wither-hoard is a kinetic weapon that needs special ammo, players might wonder how they can beat both of the Ghosts of the Deep bosses with no getting any ammo bricks.

After all, players won’t be watching ads regarding these boss fights because they will only be paying attention to the bosses. Some of these bosses have more life than some of the raid bosses in Destiny 2, but there is a way to get unlimited ammo.

To get ammunition for the Wither-hoard, players should wear two special ammo guns while maintaining their special ammo as well as heavy ammo low.

Players will get three special weapons every 30 seconds. Keeping the number of ammo stocks low will make sure that the Wither-hoard will always have enough ammo to keep doing damage.

How To Increase Damage Faster:

Since the only way to hurt both bosses is with a single Wither-hoard, players might not like having to wait a while to kill them.

But it’s a safe and effective way to get through Ghosts of the Deep upon Master level and get easy loot. Still, there are ways for players to gradually speed up the rate at which they get damage stages.

Players are going to want to bring in a sun warlock or a void giant to increase the quantity of damage they can do. Players will eventually build their supers just by lying there dealing damage without moving.

Warlocks can use an Empowering Rift or an Well of Radiance or a Void Titan can use a Ward of Dawn for Weapons of Light to do more damage. Both will do more damage, but not at the same time.

Second Boss:

Ghosts of the Deep’s last boss will be a Lucent Necromancer who is trying to bring the Taken King, Oryx, back from the dead. Simmumah is regarded as the easiest boss to kill using the Witherhoard cheese because every player have to do to slay this wizard is shoot it using an Witherhoard.

And don’t use a finisher on Oryx’s Hive ghost shell. If you do, the boss room will be activated, and Simmumah will start sending out a lot of ads and arc attacks.

The last boss in Ghosts of the Deep can be killed in the same way as Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun. Players will want to use the Wither-hoard to shoot Simmumah followed by die so that they may maintain shooting the Wither-hoard and doing damage.

Since the boss fight hasn’t started yet, players won’t see a health bar. They can either wait for the boss to drop or use the Exotic Sniper Rifle D.A.R.C.I. to check the boss’s health. When aimed at an enemy, this weapon will show its health and other important information through the scope.

It may take about 20 minutes to kill Simmumah Ur-Nokru with the Wither-hoard cheese, based on the weapon buffs players get from playing co-op with Ward of Dawn, Warlock Rifts, or Well of Radiance, but it’s a good and safe way to get Master or Normal Ghosts of the Deep dungeon loot.

It’s also very important that once Simmumah Ur-Nokru is killed by the Witherhoard, players find and kill his Hive Ghost shell. If they don’t, the boss will come back, which would be a disaster and waste a lot of time.

The Best Place To Farm:

The final and third battle can and should be farmed over and over. Even though killing Simmumah Ur-Nokru with the Wither-hoard takes a while because of the risk of getting to a damage phase,

going through the process, as well as killing 3 Lucent Hive Light Bearers, the cheese might be faster, particularly since there is no risk of a loss.

Once Simmumah Ur-Nokru was dead, players are going to open the chest at Oryx’s heart. Two famous pieces of loot will take off out. Some other things, like rare shards or enhancement prisms, may come out in Master Difficulty.

But the two pieces of legendary loot are what really steal the show. One of them might be a God Roll weapon from Ghosts of the Deep and the other could be a piece of craft armor.

Getting this Wither-hoard cheese in Master Difficulty will also bring them one step closer to getting the Ghoul title Triumph. Players will get the Sovereign Triumph to the Ghoul title and the Recalcitrant Host Sparrow the first time they finish this level on Master Difficulty.

But the most interesting prize might be the chance that the new unusual trace weapon, the Navigator, will drop more often.

With the Ghosts of the Deep Wither-hoard cheese, players can farm this encounter over and over to get two pieces of great loot every 20 minutes. The damage is always the same.

Bungie will probably patch this strategy soon, but while it’s still working, players should get as much Artifice Armor when they can so their characters may communicate Triple-100 stats throughout the best mods possible. Artifice Armor usually has an elevated stat rolls and the ability to set 3 levels into any stat without using a single mod level.


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