In Tears Of The Kingdom, Where Is The Treasure Of The Secret Springs?

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Where Is The Treasure Of The Secret Springs?

Want to know how to finish Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Treasure of the Secret Springs extra quest? Story quests give players a good story, a lot of bosses, and chances to meet famous characters. Side quests, on the other hand, help players earn a lot of good prizes.

One of these quests is Treasure of the Secret Springs, which must be done in order to obtain the Vah Medoh Divine Helm. After you finish the Tulin of Rito Village mission line, you can start this quest.

And if you’ve already done this, we’re here to help you finish Treasure of the Secret Springs within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, completing side quests is a great way to get fancy tools and stock up on resources. Not only are the prizes usually very useful, but they also take you to places where you can pick up useful things.

One of these quests is Treasure of the Secret Springs, which you can do after you finish the main story quest within Rito Village. It will send you looking for secret springs in the Hebra Mountains to solve a puzzle, and it will give you something very stylish in return.

There are a lot of side quests to do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These, along with the main story missions that take you all over Hyrule, are sure to keep you busy. Tulin gives you Treasure of the Secret Springs, which is one of these side tasks.

Tulin has finished the Wind Temple as well as is now in Rito Village, where he is happy to talk. He told us first about a secret wealth that was hidden under a hot spring near Rito Village.

We didn’t have much to focus on, but what’s Tulin told us about a book might help us find it. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, here’s what you need to know about the process to find the Treasure of the Secret Springs.

Where To Find The Secret Springs’ Treasure:

After you finish the Wind Temple in TotK, you can start the side quest Treasure of the Secret Springs. If you haven’t done this major story job, the quest won’t show up, and Tulin won’t be within Rito Village to give it to you.

When Tulin gets there, he reads a line from a book he discovered that says, “Sturnida, Goflam’s, and Sherfin’s. In the middle of all three secret hot springs within the woods is a hidden prize.

Help the three streams get there. When it’s full, the prize will wake up from its sleep.” We don’t get many other clues about where to head, but we know that it’s northwest of Rito Village.

Given where Rito Village is, this doesn’t leave us with a lot of choices. The best way to get to the middle of the mountains is to take the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower as well as shoot for the south of Hebra North Summit.

While looking in this area, we found a cave that was blocked off and found out what was inside it. This led ourselves to the thermal waters that Tulin wrote about in his book.

A big piece of ice is there to protect the cave. We were able to get rid of it quickly by putting a Zonai weapon that shoots flames on one of the guns as well as melting it down.

Once You Cleared The Ice Barrier Go To The North Biron Snowshelf Cave:

Once the ice barrier cleared, we went through the North Biron Snow-shelf Cave to discover a secret place at the bottom. It was a hot spring alongside a current of air in the middle, which made it a bit of a puzzle.

Using Tulin’s book as a guide, we had to bring water back into the boiling springs from all three sources to finish the job.

Use Your Flyer To Fly:

This means we had to use our flyer to fly up the air current, drop down when we got to the top, and then execute a slow-mo arrow attack, attach a bomb to the end, and blow up the passageways stopping the water.

There should be three places to destroy to bring more water to the hot springs. Down here, there are empty passages with bomb flowers if we need more.

When All 3 Water Passages Are Unblocked The Stone Moves And Shows A Secret Path:

When all three water passages are unblocked, the bottom stone figure moves and shows a secret path. We flew into to check it out and found the prize we were looking for the Vah Medoh Divine Helm. When we wear it, it protects us from the cold.

As you move through the cave, make sure you pick up the useful Bomb Flowers that are scattered around. They will come in handy soon. If you break the wrong rocks, some Keese will attack you. But these are easy to kill with darts.


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