How To Finish Jo’s Lost And Found Rainy Day Stash In Dead Island 2

How To Finish Jo’s Lost And Found Rainy Day Stash In Dead Island 2:

In Dead Island 2, do you’d like to know how to finish Jo’s Rainy Day Stash? Action role-playing game Dead Island 2 was made by Sumo Digital as well as put out by Deep Silver.

during the game, you perform as a person who has survived the zombie apocalypse and is trying to find a way to stay alive while safeguarding the remaining survivors from the zombie hordes.

During the Lost as well as Found quests, you can find different collectibles in this game. Jo’s Rainy Day Stash serves as one of these tasks. In this guide, you’ll learn how to finish Jo’s Rainy Day Stash.

In Dead Island 2, you will need a lot of tools to kill zombies while you are in Hell-A. The Lost as well as Found quests are one of the most effective ways to get amazing things.

But a lot of these are secret which means you won’t see them unless you look for them. One of these is Jo’s Rainy Day Stash, and you’ll need to go to Venice Beach to finish it.

Let’s look at where the starting point is and what you’ll have to do after you find it.

Where To Find Jo’s Emergency Fund Starting Point:

You’ll need to go to Jo’s Rentals to start this quest. If you look at the map, you’ll see that there are a few sharks drawn on it. In the middle of the shops is where the rental store is. If you look at the blue circle within the picture previously mentioned, you can see where it is.

Once you’ve arrived to the store, you’ll have to break through to look for a few items inside. To start the quest, you need to get both the diary entry and the key to Jo’s staff room. Next, you’ll have to locate two more diary notes to get to the weapon stash.

How Do I Finish Jo’s Stash For A Rainy Day In Dead Island 2?

You need to go south from the rental shop to find the other cartoon shark sign. This is Jo’s Surf and Skate Rentals, and the next book is sitting on the counter. Then, go to the parking lot beneath the additional rental shop, which is where you’ll find Jo. Kill him and get the notebook he dropped.

Now that you have everything, all you need to accomplish is follow the stash sign. It’s truly on top of Marlas Tapas and Tacos, so take the white car to get there.

Keep an eye out for a trap that explodes as well as two more called zombies who are waiting just in front of the stash. After you kill them, open the stash as well as put on your new, better weapon.

Look for more Lost as well as Found weapon quests if you want to get even better guns. If you finish the Drunk and Unruly quest in Ocean Avenue, you’ll get a famous weapon. So be certain to do it as soon as you can get to that place.

If You Finish The Quest, You’ll Get:

Go to the northwest and get on top of Marla’s Tapas & Tacos. You will see an area that is walled off. Before you go in, shoot or disable the tripwire that is next to the fence.

After getting rid of the close baddies, you can open the box. You’ll get the Electric Bomb surprise, a random weapon, and 2,000 XP as a prize.


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