How To Complete Redacted Lost And Found In Dead Island 2

How To Complete Redacted Lost And Found In Dead Island 2:

Are you looking for the best Lost and Found mission guide for Dead Island 2: Rediscovered? In Dead Island 2, the Lost and Found mission guides make you look into what’s written in a book.

The hints will direct you through a certain area, and if you find the lost thing, you’ll get a powerful tool as a prize. The REDACTED Lost and Found is one of the easier guns to find in the game, even though it has some pretty strict rules for getting it.


  1. Venice Beach is where we start.
  2. Counts towards completing the quest in the Venice Beach area.
  3. You must have finished the main story and all side quests.

Dead Island 2 has a lot of different tools you can use to fight off the zombies. Of course, the guns that are all over Hell-A are one of the most powerful types.

If you really want to get the most for your money, you can do a Lost and Found weapon task in Venice Beach to get the famous Body-count gun, which fires so quickly it’s like a machine for killing zombies.

Here’s how to start the Dead Island 2 quest “Redacted Lost and Found” and get one of the best guns in the game.

Where To Find The Place Where The Censored Story Begins:

Redacted is a quest about military weapons, so the starting point of the quest is in the military base at Venice Beach. Just go to the place marked on the map above, as well as you’ll see a military camp you can go into.

Inside, you’ll find Lt. Ford, a named zombie with the quest-starting notebook entry. We should point out that we didn’t see Ford until we were done with the main mission. If he’s not there, you may have to go further in the game before you see him.

Walkthrough For Dead Island 2:

Now that you have that, you need to find some shipping boxes to look for the other notebook entries. You must first find Container 78. On this side of the military sluice gate, you can find this along the beach.

You can’t just walk in though. To get to the next book, you need to go into Container 75 and cross a homemade bridge between the containers.

This one takes you to Container 58, which is near where you can quickly get to the Command Tower. When you get close to the box, zombies should start pouring out. Kill them, then take the next book.

It will tell you to go to Container 66, which is near the campaign burn pits behind the Command Tower. Turn right when you leave the back of the tower as well as follow the stash sign to the right container, where the Body-count weapon is ready for you to fight it.

You can get some of the best killing tools in the game by doing these lost and discovered weapon quests. For example, after completing the body count, check out the Drunk as well as Disorderly quest within Ocean Avenue to get some famous knuckle dusters.


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