How Complete Drunk And Disorderly Lost And Found In Dead Island 2

How Complete Drunk And Disorderly Lost And Found In Dead Island 2:

There are a lot of tools in Dead Island 2 that you can use to hurt zombies, but there’s a few that stand out. Legendary things usually have the best stats and bonuses built in, so it’s well worth it to buy them.

The Party Starter is a pair of fire-infused metal knuckles that you may acquire from a mission that starts at the Sterling Hotel on Ocean Avenue. Dead Island 2 doesn’t tell you where to start this quest, but we provide every information you need below.

If you want to find some famous guns, the Lost as well as Found quests in Dead Island 2 are a good place to look. The prize for the Drunk and Unruly task is great for people who prefer to use their hands over guns and other physical weapons.

During our Dead Island 2: Drunk and Unruly Guide, we’ll explain how to start and finish this quest so you can get another famous weapon.

The Lost And Found Weapon Quest Can Be Found At:

As was said above, the Drunk as well as Unruly side task starts at the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue. Go to the upper level of the hotel and search for the back steps to find it.

On your right, there’s an open door that goes to a bathroom. When you walk in, you’ll see something you can interact with on the ground. When you pick it up, the Lost as well as Found Weapon quest will begin.


  1. Follow the paper trail to a kick-ass new weapon
  2. Find Jordan somewhere on the Pier, swipe his keys
  3. Claim your kick-ass new Party Starter from the dudes’ car

Walkthrough For Dead Island 2 Drunk And Wild:

For this quest, you’ll have to run to a few different places and kill zombies until you find the weapon. First, you’ll need to go to Venice Beach to locate Roses Tattoos south of the Blue Crab Grillow.

Then, go north of the tattoo shop until you reach Lenny’s. In both places, you’ll have to kill named zombies, so be on the watch.

You can fast-travel to The Pier to locate the following note on a table outside the Pier Grill. This will make several zombies appear, including one with a name who, when you kill him, will drop the set of weapons you need.

Lastly, you’ll have to go back on Ocean Avenue as well as walk past the toilet where everything started to get to the basement parking lot. You should mark on your map where the white SUV is waiting for you.

When you open it, you’ll finish the quest and get the Party Starter. This weapon already has a Superior Cremator Mod as well as a few perks built in to give you your own fire punch.


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