How To Find The Horse God, Malanya, In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find The Horse God, Malanya, In Tears Of The Kingdom:

You probably know about the 4 faeries, but have you heard of Malanya, the horse god? Since you’re here to learn how to find them, the answer is probably yes. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, here’s how to find Horse God Malanya.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Malanya, the famous god of horses, returns to help players who really care about the horses of the world.

Find Malanya within the far northeast part of Hyrule if you want to help your horse friends get stronger or even come back to life. There, they can give gifts to the horse god within the hopes that their dreams will come true.

Malanya is one of the fairies within Tears of the Kingdom. She is additionally referred to as the Horse God. Link finds this inside a big bud, but it looks and talks to him in a way that is almost scary.

The god has a great power that might be the most useful during the gameĀ he can bring back dead horses and improve your stats. This guide tells players where they can find Manalya as well as what they have to do to use its power.

Where Is Malanya?

Malanya is in the Death Mountain area of Tears of the Kingdom, which is on the eastern side of Hyrule. Its map coordinates are 4348, 3096, and 0190. It’s not hard to locate because the climate of the area doesn’t limit how far Link may travel because of things like weather.

But once, when we were trying to get to Malanya with our flyer, we flew off towards the edge of the map to avoid a group of Moblins. We can say for sure that the moblins would have proved a better choice than spending 10 minutes going up the edge of the map.

How To Get Malanya Out:

Link will need to give an Endura carrot to the big Tears of the Kingdom fairy bud where Malanya lives. Without one of these, Malanya’s power can’t be used to bring horses back to life or boost their stats.

Malanya will grow out of its bud once Link has given it what it needs. It says that it will give Link’s dreams in exchange for food. This means that if players want to enhance their horses or bring them back to life, they must bring Malanya a meal.

Getting Endura Carrots:

Link may obtain Endura Carrots by doing side tasks or by discovering them close to Cherry Blossom Trees as well as Great Fairies.

Around a Great Fairy, you might find an Endura Carrot, but we’ve found that quests are the best way to get the Tears of the Kingdom. At East Akkala Stable, there’s one close to where Malanya is.

Link will get the side mission The Gathering Pirates from a person there named Aya. When players finish this side quest, they will get an Endura carrot as well as a lot of coins. See the map below for directions to East Akkala Stable, which is at 4236, 2727, as well as 0125.

You can also find Endura carrots within the wild if you don’t want to do side quests. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there is a perfect cherry blossom tree east of Lookout Landing. However, Link will have to go a long way if players want to give Malanya their gift from this tree.

Every Mystical Message Along With Where It Leads:

Mystical Message Coordinates Directions and Additional Details
“I am Malanya the god of horses who grants quicker hooves.and thicker hides In northeast Hyrule near a stable in Akkala I am waiting.” 4294, 3210, 0151 Begin at East Akkala Stable (4235, 2740, 0126) and move far north to find Malanya in a Great Fairy bud. Malanya can revive and upgrade horses in exchange for specific meals.
“In Hyrule Ridge atop Thundra Plateau there sits a dragon tree. There, many excellent steeds roam wild and free.” -2514, 1272, 0161 These horses roam the highlands northwest of Thundra Plateau (-2270, 0904, 0109). Tabantha Bridge Stable (-2919, 0546, 0169) is the nearest stable to register them.
“On the border separating Necluda’s east from its west there is a place called Bubinga Forest. There, many excellent steedsĀ  roam wild and free.” 1971, -2193, 0016 The horses roam the fields on the forest’s southwestern edge. The darker horses typically have the best stats, but you’ll need close to two full stamina wheels to soothe them. Dueling Peaks Stable (1749, -1921, 0010) is the nearest stable to register them.
“In Faron Grasslands there is a place called Zokassa Ridge. There, many excellent steeds roam wild and free.” -0645, -3239, 0124 Several groups of horses roam the highlands far west of Highland Stable (0520, -3443, 0047). Once again, the darker horses usually have better stats. Bring them to Highland Stable to register them.
“Once a century a golden horse is born. You may find it in the northwest by going to Snowfield Stable.” -1820, 3370, 0238 This horse is part of the “Zelda’s Golden Horse” side-quest that you can pick up from Penn at Snowfield Stable (-1643, 2567, 0234) once you’ve become a reporter for the Lucky Clover Gazette (-3252, 1769, 0119). You can’t register the golden horse until you bring it to Harlow at Snowfield Stable to complete the quest.
“In the south within the region of Faron find the Lake of the Horse God. There, a huge horse white in color .has left its mark.” 0801, -3719, 0080 The giant white horse is wandering around a circular area in the canyons of Ibara Butte. You’ll need a little over two full stamina wheels to soothe it. Take it to Highland Stable (0520, -3443, 0047) to register it. This horse may be slow, but it has unlimited stamina, making it one of the best horses in the game.
“At night, it appears The Stalhorse running atop the gloom. You may see it in the field at the base of Satori Mountain.” -1676, -0700, 0125 The Stalhorse can only be found at night and is usually on the west side of the Sanidin Park Ruins (-1642, -0684, 0138), on the hills below it. Unlike every other horse in the game, it cannot be registered at a stable. However, it should be brought to Toffa at Outskirt Stable (-1437, -1265, 0032) to progress the side-quest “The Horse Guard’s Request.” Be aware that at sunrise, the Stalhorse will disappear.
“In southeast Faron at Lakeside Stable the Dondons graze. These ancient creatures, the ancestors of horses can make precious gems out of stones.” 1539, -3356, 0058 The Dondons can be found near Cima, north across the ravine from Lakeside Stable (1553, -3525, 0061). Place Luminous Stones on the ground and let the Dondons eat them. Leave for a while and return later to find the creatures have turned them into random gems.


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