Find The Jonasu Shrine And Finish It In Tears Of The Kingdom

Find The Jonasu Shrine And Finish It In Tears Of The Kingdom:

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s “Deep Force,” the puzzle task of Jonsau Shrine will be fun for people who like physics. This specific shrine has you employ your Ultra-hand to use the “pop-up” effect of floating items, in this case a ball.

Have you ever grasped an air-filled beach ball underwater in a pool and then let go, sending it flying into the air? You have to use this same physics-related idea to finish Jonsau Shrine and get its Light of Blessing.

The Jonasu Shrine is just one of the many shrines that players can find while exploring Tears of the Kingdom. It can be used to get a Light of Blessing along with several useful upgrades.

The Jonasu Shrine was great for newcomers to Hyrule because it’s in the beginning of the game as well as isn’t too hard to finish. This guide will tell you where the Jonasu Shrine is and how to solve the problems there.

The Jonasu Shrine Is Located At:

You are able to locate the Tears of the Kingdom Jonasu Shrine almost straight east of Lookout Landing in the Lanayru Wetlands. Think of it as the bottom of a small hill that goes up to the top of the swamps.

How To Finish A Deep Force:

When you get to the Jonasu Shrine, go down to the first room’s pool of water. You’ll see water, a yellow ball, as well as a big button with its back to the water.

You’ll need to make use of the Tears of the Kingdom Ultra-hand skill to grab the ball and utilize it to push the button above the water. At first, I tried putting it into the water and found that the ball would bounce back, but I couldn’t reach the button.

After a moment of trying to figure it out, I understood the answer was very easy. You’ll need to use Ultra-hand to push the ball under the water and then let go.

This will make the ball shoot out of the water hard enough to hit the button. This opens the gate on the right, which will lead you to the afterwards room.

When you go into the next room, employ Ultra-hand to grab the box within the water to your left. You’ll get a Strong Construct Bow this way. You’ll also have to deal with a Tears of the Kingdom Construct, which shouldn’t take long and shouldn’t be hard.

Next, you’ll go to a room with the identical setup as the last one and another button that’s upside down. This time, you won’t have a ball within the water, but a big plank.

Now, it didn’t come to me right away how to make use of the plank to press the button, so I went back to the initially room, got the ball, and then utilized it the same method as before to press the button.

I didn’t know how I might’ve used the plank until after I did this. You’ll need to turn and Ultra-hand the plank to get it to stand up straight along its length.

Repeat The Same Steps Of Dropping:

Repeat the same steps of dropping it as far as you can into the water and letting go to make it fly upwards before you hit the button.

Either way will work, which is one of the best things about Tears of the Kingdom. Then, a gate to the correct side of the water will open for you to go through.

When you get to this room of the TotK shrine, you’ll find more water, another ball, as well as a big gate blocking the way out. Instead of a button, you’ll see a lift hanging over the water and held up by a wooden board.

Use The Ultra-Hand To Get Ball:

You’ll need to Ultra-hand the ball, put it under the lift, and then let it go. This should send it up into the lift, knock the wood plank off, and cause the lift to fall into the water.

Once the lift as well as ball are down, use the log to make a small bridge so you are able to between them and jump into the lift. Next, use Ultra-hand to move the ball under the lift while you are inside it.

When you let go of the ball, the lift will lift you upwards to send you flying. From there, you can paraglide over the big gate to get to the exit and get your Tears of the Kingdom Light of Blessing.


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