How To Find The Butcher Within Diablo 4 And Beat Him

How To Find The Butcher Within Diablo 4 And Beat Him?

If you’ve run into him, you’ve probably been thinking how to defeat The Butcher within Diablo 4. When it comes to boss fights, this one’s name was more than appropriate.

He slashes and charges, which will probably leave your well-equipped character in a pile of blood on those cold stone steps.

He is a figure from the first Diablo game, so fans of the series may recognize him. So, how do you beat The Butcher within Diablo 4 to obtain a good drop of loot?

If you’ve ever been within a Diablo 4 level with the Butcher, you know how annoying he can be. The Butcher was a mini-boss who likes to show himself in dungeons when you’re not looking for him. He does a lot of damage, but he also drops some good stuff.

Diablo 4 Where To Locate The Butcher:

In Diablo 4, the Butcher can show up in any Dungeon at any time. There is no way to make sure it will spawn, so you just have to run Dungeons till you find it, or more correctly, until the butcher sees you.

The Butcher could show up in any Dungeon room, and it could do so at any level. This means you might encounter the Butcher beginning as level 10, or as late to be level 100, or, if that you’re unlucky, never.

If the Butcher beats you, it won’t wait around for you to try again. Instead, the Butcher will go away, leaving you just to cross your fingers as well as hope you find it again soon.

That means you have to beat the Butcher within the first fight if you wish to get top-tier loot. Luckily, we have some helpful tips for how to do that in the next part.

The bitcher is in every dungeon run. It could be a Nightmare Dungeon and a regular one. But the Butcher only has a small chance of breeding, so you can never be sure he will show up.

About 1 or 2 times out of every 20 dungeon runs, the Butcher will be there. But you will know when he chooses to show up. You’ll see a big group of attackers tied together and shouting “Fresh meat!” at you.

As soon you happen to hear this phrase, keep an eye out because one of the hardest mini-bosses within Diablo 4 is coming your way.

How To Get Rid Of The Butcher:

Every boss within Diablo 4 is like the Butcher. It will have a tremendous quantity of health, and when you and the rest of your party try to beat it, you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come.

During this fight, the Butcher’s health bar will have multiple nodes that show when it is releasing health potions for both you and your party to pick up.

Unlike the other bosses within Diablo 4, the Butcher doesn’t get weaker as you level up. Instead, it’s meant to be far more powerful than both you and your party. Getting rid of it won’t be easy, and you as well as your team will have to employ all of your skills to try to do it.

How To Avoid Fight With This Demon:

Some Diablo 4 players have been lucky enough to be able to avoid the usual fight with this demon. They managed to do this by pulling the Butcher away from the room while maintaining it stuck within the opening.

While it’s stuck within the door, they were able to battle it without the butcher striking back, and finally they could kill it.

Stay Away Of Its Strike Rang As Long As Possible:

This won’t always be the case when you fight the Butcher, but if you discover it while play Diablo 4, you might be ready to use it. If you don’t want to risk cheating the Butcher, you should use the room you’re in and try to stay out of its strike range for as long as possible.

Getting close to this attacker is hard if you don’t have a lot of life steal to maintain your character living. In Diablo 4, when you kill the Butcher, it will drop a lot of items that you can add to your inventory or trade for more gear.

Move Set Of The Butcher:

Basic Attacks With A Cleaver:

The knife of the butcher swings a few times towards the player.

Attack Stomp Cleave:

The Butcher lifts his foot, stomps the ground, then swings his cut in a single motion.

Stomp Headbutt Attack:

He stomps on the ground right in front of him as he puts his head down.

Hook Up:

The Butcher swings his linked meat hook, which catches anyone in its path and pulls them towards him.

Charge In And Hit:

The Butcher runs at the player and slams into them quickly.

Roar Attack AoE:

When the Butcher roars, he sends out a red ring that hurts everything in its path.


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