How To Get Mirage Prime Relics In Warframe

How To Get Mirage Prime Relics In Warframe:

Today, both Banshee Prime as well as Mirage Prime came out of Warframe’s Prime Vault. This means that anyone who wants to can now buy these improved frames.

If you want to add to your weapons quickly, you can get either of these Prime versions right away by using the Prime Vault.

The Dual Pack costs $59.99 and includes Banshee Prime, Mirage Prime, 1200 Platinum, Euphona Prime, Akbolto Prime, Kogake Prime, Helios Prime, Decon-Structor Prime, as well as more.

You are able to purchase the Banshee Pack or the Mirage Pack for $39.99 each. Both of these packs come with a Prime frame and 400 Platinum.

A news story upon the company’s War-frame website says that Banshee Prime as well as Mirage Prime will be back on December 15.

When used right, Banshee Prime as well as Mirage Prime both make great frames. I’ve already talked about them in my piece about the Tier List.

Mirage Prime has arrived, and she sure does look good. Mirage is a magician and joker, so it makes sense that her stronger Prime form looks like Harlequin.

You can buy access to Mirage’s Prime Access if you want to, but you can also get her parts from Relics. You may obtain this great-looking Prime for $0 if you put in a little bit of work.

In War-frame, The Mirage Prime Relics Are:

When hunting for Primes, it’s important to know which items to look for. The following relics show the different parts you require to construct a Mirage Prime, as well as how rare each part is.

  • Neo M1 – Mirage Prime Blueprint (Rare)
  • Lith S7 – Mirage Prime Chassis (Common)
  • Neo V6 – Mirage Prime Systems (Uncommon)
  • Meso H1 – Mirage Prime Neuroptics (Common)

The Best Place To Farm Relics Is:

Lith Relics M7 and K5 Go to Hepit within the Void for a capture task and finish it in about 90 seconds. There is no doubt that this is a Lith Relic. You can also finish Bounties for Fortuna or Necralisk.

Meso E5 as well as Neo B6 Relics: You can do the Ukko capture task, but the prize pool is bigger, so you’ll need some luck.

Meso, Neo, and Axi Relics: Go to Cetus, Fortuna, or Necralisk, which are all open worlds, and finish rewards. Bounties for Cetus are usually faster but give less money, while Bounties for Deimos take slightly longer but give more money.

Fortuna is in the middle, but she has the greatest chance of dropping Relics most of the time. Relics only drop once a prize has reached the second level.

How To Farm Mirage Prime Relics:

Honestly, it’s not a bad place, even for people who are just starting out. No Axi relics are needed, which is good fortune for younger players since they are the hardest to find and open. When it involves gathering the actual treasures, my best tasks are.


I truly like the Everest quest on Earth for Lith treasures. It’s an Excavation task, so you can take as long as you want and leave when your squad is ready.

When everyone works well together, you can also run two or even three extractors at the exact same time. After about twelve rounds of farming this last night, my team got four Lith S7 relics.


Io, which is part of Jupiter, remains one of the greatest places to find Meso relics. In the first two phases of this defense task, there is a good chance that Meso relics will drop. If they do, you can just pick them up and start over. Bring frames that do damage over a wide area to make this easy.


Hydron on Sedna is a good task for Neo-Relic farming that has to do with defense. Mirage Prime is easy to get if you can find these Mirage Prime relics. With a little work, Mirage Prime can be yours.


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