In Pokémon Go, The Best Moves For Palossand Are

In Pokémon Go, The Best Moves For Palossand Are:

This is a guide to how to use Palossand in professional games of Pokémon Sword as well as Shield. Read on to learn about Palossand’s strengths and flaws, as well as the best Nature spreads, EV spreads, Move sets, and other items for use with it.

Pokémon Go now has Palossand. Fans of Pokémon have been waiting a long time for the mobile game, and now players can add it to their library throughout the Water Festival Beach Week festival and at other times.

If you have a good competition move set for Palossand, post it below and vote up the best ones. On this thread, you can also share move sets for each of its pre-evolutions.

Make sure your post has all of the set information, such as things, skills, natures, and EVs. Some information, like the type of game you want to play with your collection, is also helpful. Here is where you can find the entire set of rules.

Sandygast’s end form is Palossand, and it’s likely that players could use Palossand in fight.

To get the greatest value out this particular Pokémon, you should make sure it has the best set of moves. This guide shows you how to teach Plossand the best moves in Pokémon Go.

Best Action Plan For Palossand:

Palossand is a Pokémon that is both a ghost and a ground type. Dark, Ghost, Grass, Ice, as well as Water-type moves will hurt it in Pokémon Go, but Electric, Fighting, Normal, Poison, Bug, as well as Rock-type moves will not.

Sandygast, the first form of Palossand, was first seen at the Water Festival Beach Week event. It is very good at avoiding moves of the Electric, Fighting, Normal, as well as Poison types, which makes it a great Pokémon to use against some of the most common ones.

The good thing about Palossand is the fact that it’s got a maximum CP of 2,444 as well as pretty fair Attack, Defense, as well as Stamina numbers, which keep it in a good range for the Great as well as Ultra Leagues within Pokémon Go.

In Pokémon Go, these are all the moves Palossand can pick up. We’ll talk about all of its moves and how to choose the best one from each group.

The Best Fast Move For Palossand:

Move Name Move Type Damage Energy Per Turn Total Turn
Astonish Ghost type 5 3 3
Mud Shot Ground type 3 4.5 2

If you want to choose Palossand’s Fast Move, Mud Shot is the best choice. Even though this does less damage per move than Astonish, it does almost the same amount of damage.

Astonish does just a little bit more damage. The main difference between both of these is how much energy they give off.

With Mud Shot, Palossand will keep earning during the fight, giving you a lot more chances to make use of its Charged Attacks. This is the area where Palossand can do the most damage on a regular basis, showing that Mud Shot is better than Astonish.

The Best Charged Attack:

Move Name Move Type Damage Energy Per Turn
Earth Power Ground type 90 55
Sand Tomb Ground type 25 40
Shadow Ball Ghost type 100 55


Now, the Charged Attacks are the real heart of Palossand. It can choose between ground Power, Sand Tomb, as well as Shadow Ball as its ground power.

Shadow Ball was the best of the three because it can do an enormous amount of harm to an opponent. For many people, choosing between Earth Power as well as Sand Tomb will be hard.

Always Use Sand Tomb To Reduce Your Opponents Defense:

A few players swear via Sand Tomb due to the fact it always weakens an opponent by lowering its defense. Earth Power has a ten percent chance of making an opponent’s defense go down.

But Earth Power made up for it by doing 90 damage, while Sand Tomb only does 25. Because of how much more damage Earth Power does, we suggest it over Sand Tomb, particularly for Palossand.

Best Moves To Teach:

In Pokémon Go, the best moves to teach Palossand are Mud Shot, which is quick, Shadow Ball, which is charged, and Earth Power, which is also charged.

It gives the greatest likelihood of doing a lot of damage to a potential opponent as well as provides Palossand an edge over other players within the Battle League, particularly in the Great as well as Ultra Leagues.


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