How To Find Kyokugon Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom And Finish It

How To Find Kyokugon Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom And Finish It:

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Kyokugon Shrine is hidden in a cave. Most shrines can be found in the overworld, which is above ground. Specifically, you are able to locate this shrine by going into the straight Great Plateau Foothill Cave, which is far south of Hyrule Field within Central Hyrule.

To get to the shrine inside the cave, you’ll need hard weapons or tools to break through the big stone blocking the way. To obtain the Light of Blessing in TotK, you have to get into the Kyokugon Shrine and line up the rings.

In Tears of the Kingdom, there are a lot of shrines to find and finish. One of them is the Kyokugon Shrine, which gives players a Light of Blessing along with extra things like guns, clothing, or materials that will help them on their trip.

It can be hard to find the Kyokugon Shrine, and the task itself can be hard to understand if you have no idea where to start. This guide tells you where the Kyokugon Shrine is as well as how to figure out the puzzle inside.

Our guide will assist you discover the Kyokugon Shrine, solve its puzzles, and solve the “Alignment of Circles” problem so you can get the chest and the Light of Blessing.

The Kyokugon Shrine Is Located In:

The Kyokugon Shrine is in the Great Plateau Foothill Cave, which is under the Great Plateau. You will discover the cave on the northern side of the hill. In front of the cave, you should see Addison holding a sign and some tools for fixing things.

To get to the shrine, you’ll need to break through a few rock walls. Make sure you possess a hammer weapon by fusing a rock to a weapon, then start breaking through.

Find The Horriblins And Brightbloom Seeds:

After you clear the first pile of rocks, you’ll find some Horriblins as well as items like Bright bloom seeds. Be sure to grab those as well as deal with the baddies before going on.

Next, you’ll want to take a small turn and remove the blue rocks on the right side of the tunnel. Inside, you’ll find a Bubbul-frog that you can shoot with arrows to get its Bubbel Gem. There is nothing else in this room, so it’s easy to find.

At the end of the cave, you’ll need to break through the big black rock wall. On the other side, you’ll find the shrine.

How To Finish Getting The Circles In Line:

At the Kyokugon Shrine, you have to answer a “ball riddle” in order to finish the shrine.

Go up the stairs as well as walk to the end of the path. There are 10 bowl switches in a regular pattern around the room, and four balls on pedestals. As shown in the picture above, we’ve given each bowl switch a number to help us figure out what to do next.

There are four green rings on the roof. Put a ball inside each of the bowl switches with a green circle on top: bowl switches two, four, six, and eight. Keep going through the gate that opens to find the way out of the shrine, but don’t touch it yet. Inside this room, to your right is a chest and a ball.

There Is Another Green Circle In Left Side Room:

On the left side of the room, there is another green circle on the roof. Use Ultra-hand to find a missing tile on the floor beneath the green circle on the roof.

Find a bowl switch by pulling the loose tile out of the ground. Put the ball from the right side of the room into the bowl switch to unlock the gate blocking the chest. If you open the box, you can get a healthy drink. When you finish the shrine, you’ll get a Light of Blessing.


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