How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom’s White Birds Of Guidance

How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom’s White Birds Of Guidance:

Most shrines within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be solved by finding them and then solving the tasks inside them. However, some shrines must be opened before they can be used.

In-game, these longer quests are called “shrine quests,” and they are just what they look like. The bird-like people live in Rito Village in the northwest of Hyrule.

It’s a long walk from Lookout Landing, which is where Tears of the Kingdom participants land the first time they jump off the Great Sky Island after finishing the tutorial shrines that teach Recall, Ascend, Ultra-hand, as well as Fuse.

After finishing the Wind Temple close to Rito Village as well as stopping the terrible storm, some NPCs will provide quests for players to do.

One of these quests is known as The White Bird’s Guidance as well as can be started by talking to a red-colored Rito named Laissa. Her location is -3622, 1826, as well as 0199.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the White Birds of Guidance task is hard to figure out. It’s a quest you can get by talking to a specific person, Laissa, but you can’t get it until you’ve finished some of the game’s important goals in Rito Village.

Where The White Bird Can Be Found:

Rito Village is where the White Birds of Guidance task starts. Laissa is a peasant who is going around the heart of the city. You can talk to her. She will tell you how she saw a certain white bird on the side of a rock from the town in Tears of the Kingdom.

She tells you how to locate the white bird, and if you keep talking to her as well as asking questions, she’ll tell you that the best way to find this white bird is to go to the top of the rock in Rito Village to look to the west.

You do need to get near to the top of the Rito Village rock, and prior to you go up, you should make a lot of stamina food to help your stamina gauge so you can make it through the climb.

Laissa says you should get to the top of the rock, but we only made it approximately three-quarters of the way up and found the bird.

We had a view to the west, as well as Laissa said that the best time to see it is at dawn, but we found it by looking for the clear shape of a white bird on the mountainside.

Use The Tulin’s Power To Reach At That Spot:

With Tulin’s sage power, we were capable of to glide down to this spot, where we found the door to a cave. You’ll must proceed through the rest of the cave.

When you reach the end and find the Wao-Os Shrine, you’ll have finished the White Birds of Guidance quest within Tears of the Kingdom. You still need to finish the Wao-Os Shrine to unlock the Light of Blessing along with another heart container or an energy gauge.


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