Do Guardians Live In Hyrule Tears Of The Kingdom Is About?

Do Guardians Live In Hyrule Tears Of The Kingdom Is About?

The enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are a good mix of new ones and old ones who came back from the previous game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Since The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has so many famous Zelda enemies, many players want to know if the Guardians, the multi legged robot enemies that terrorized the open fields of Hyrule within Zelda Breath of the Wild, have also returned.

Here’s whether or not Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has Guardians. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild happened a few years before Tears of the Kingdom. The world has changed, and a new disaster has shook Hyrule, causing the Sky Islands, fresh shrines, as well as a lot more to appear.

But it’s not clear if many of the animals and tools from the last game will be in the next one. This guide tells you if Tears of the Kingdom has Guardians and what happened to them.

This page tells you everything you need to know about what occurred to the Guardians within Tears of the Kingdom. It also tells you how many shrines are in the game.

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Do Guardians Still Live In Hyrule?

No, it doesn’t look like there are any Guardians left within Hyrule when Tears of the Kingdom happens. Even though we haven’t seen any while we’ve been playing, that doesn’t mean they’re no longer there.

On the contrary, there’s two very good reasons why there aren’t any Guardians within this game, and both of them make sense based on what you’ve learned about the story so far.

What Is New Changes In Game?

First, the first scene within Tears of the Kingdom shows something that changes the world. Hyrule Castle is pulled into the sky, the Sky Islands appear, as well as rocks, ruins, as well as shrines start to fall down on the land of Hyrule.

This debris could have easily destroyed any Guardian wreckage around the world, exposing only smoking piles of wreckage that were hard to tell apart from rocks and caves.

Another reason why the Guardians might not be encountered in Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule is that they have probably been put to use for something else.

People such as Purah have been working with Seikah technology in the years since the conclusion of Breath of the Wild. This has led to improvements like the Purah Pad. Many fans think that Guardians were employed to make innovative devices such as Skyview Towers.

The arms that grab Link every time he uses a Skyview Tower appear a lot like those of the Guardians, so it appears possible that the old machines have been taken apart as well as put to use in a modern Hyrule.

Nintendo Changed A Well Known Place Into Something Outstanding Place:

Most Zelda games show Hyrule in a way that’s very different from what’s come before. Windwaker is a great example of how Nintendo changed a well-known place into something players didn’t expect, changing everything fans thought they knew about a game they loved.

Tears of the Kingdom differs because it keeps a lot of what Breath of the Wild set up. It’s an entirely novel game, but in many ways the world is still the same.

The tweaks and changes only make Hyrule better and more appealing. Still, the most likely reason for what happened to the Guardians is that they were killed to make way for Hyrule’s future, not that they just vanished.

How Many Shrines Are There Within ‘Tears Of The Kingdom’?

In the game Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is a huge open world with many places that players can explore and take over. There are 152 places for players to find, and at least a single chest can be found in each one.

Players can go return to the shrine at a later time to get any boxes they may have missed. Collecting the chests is not needed to finish the shrine.

The game’s map is useful because it shows players which shrines they’ve finished and whether or not they’ve gotten the chest inside. Players get a Light of Blessing when they finish a shrine.

By gathering 4 of these, players may increase their character’s life and energy, giving them an edge as they move through the game’s huge world.

In Zelda, What Is Going To Occur To The Guardians?

There are new enemies within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and some of the bad guys from the last game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, are back.

The Guardians, the scary robots that patrolled the wilds of Hyrule within Breath of the Wild, are one of the most interesting of the many common enemies that players will face in the game. Followers of the series might want to discover if the Guardians come back in the new game.


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