How To Do A Whip In Monster Energy Supercross

How To Do A Whip In Monster Energy Supercross:

Let’s talk about whips in Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 6. Whips are moves that can get the crowd going wild at supercross races, but they can be hard for new riders to learn.

But a basic understanding of how the controls work and a little bit of practice should be enough. Here is an example of a whip in Monster Energy Supercross 6.

What Is A “Whip” On A Motorcycle?

A whip is when a motocross or supercross rider shifts their weight and lays the bike down on its side in the air. A whip is like a scrub, but it is used for a different reason. It is used to change the position of a motorcycle before a turn.

Here’s How To understand:

For example, if a rider goes the wrong way up to a jump or is pushed off course by another rider, they could use a whip in the air to get back on track.

How To Do A “Whip”:

In Monster Energy Supercross 6, there are two ways to do a whip, and both of them use the analogue sticks on your controller.

First, you should understand that you can only safely do a whip when you are in the air and jumping high. If your rider tries to go fast over some small bumps, they will fall off your bike.

At the top of a bump, just before you jump, you can quickly move the analogue sticks in one of 2 directions.

  1. Both sticks left
  2. Both sticks right

Hold the sticks there for a moment, and your rider’s weight will move the bike sideways in the air. To straighten the bike out before landing, you must rapidly move both sticks in the reverse direction to the right or left.

So, if you keep moving both sticks to the left when you take off, you should move them both to the right when you land. If you keep moving both sticks to the right when you take off, you should move them to the left when you land. When you hit the ground, you have to let go of the right stick & steer with the left.


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