In Pet Simulator X, what Is RAP?

In Pet Simulator X, what Is RAP?

RAP, which stands for “Recent Auction Prices,” is a feature of Roblox Pet Simulator X that was added in the Comet Update. It helps players figure out how much their high-tier Pets are worth on the market.

Before, Pet owners had to use community forums, third-party websites, or their own instincts to figure out how much a certain Pet was worth to buy or sell. For example, many traders decide how valuable a Pet is by looking at its “Exist” stat.

The value goes up when something is harder to find. RAP, on the other hand, gets rid of all estimates and theoretical calculations and gives Pets a real price in Diamonds.

Roblox Pet Simulator X is one of the most popular games on the platform, so when a new update comes out, everyone wants to play it right away! When new parts are added to the game, there are a lot of questions about how things work.

This guide will tell you how to find out what RAP is in the game if you want to.

Defining Rap:

In Pet Simulator X, RAP is a new way to measure the value of a player’s collection. This means “Recent Auction Prices,” which is the average price at which a pet has been sold at an auction.

So, every time a pet is sold through the game’s Auction House, the amount would be written down. The game then takes an average of how much the pet has been sold for and how many times it has been sold to determine its RAP value.

Auction House Where To Find It:

In the Trading Plaza, you can find the Auction House. Some pets can be auctioned off, as well as other players could indeed bid on them. The pet will go to the player who bids the most. If any of these auctions does well, the amount of Diamonds earned will be added to the RAP value of that pet.

How To Get RAP:

In Pet Simulator X, it’s easy to get a lot of RAP. In Pet Sim X, all you have to do is sell a pet through the Auction House. The RAP amount would be added to the current game when you do this. As once amount is added, Pet Sim X takes the average value of the pet based on how many times it has been sold.

In Pet Simulator X, you have to exchange the rarest and biggest pets if you desire a lot of RAP. The more RAP value is added, the rarer the huge pet is.

In Roblox Pet Simulator X, RAP is not only the number that shows how much a pet is worth, but it is also a stat that a player could indeed hold that shows how much their whole inventory is worth.

At the Auction House, you can trade Huge & Titanic Pets for RAP. For example, a player’s RAP is 9B if they buy three Huge Pets that cost 3B Diamonds each.

In Pet Simulator X, the people who have the most RAP will be shown on a scoreboard next to the Daycare. You can check it out at any time to find out who is number one on your server and around the world.


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