Windblume’s Breath Character Locations In Genshin Impact

Windblume’s Breath Character Locations In Genshin Impact:

After you finish Windblume’s Breath: Act III in Genshin Impact, you may be curious about where the people you met during the event are now. After all, it makes sense to wonder how your friends are doing now that you know the secret behind the festival’s prophecy.

You’re in luck, though, since the majority of the characters you met during Windblume’s Breath have secret dialogue if you discover them in their correct locations before March 20, when the event ends.

Windblume’s Breath, the newest quest for the main event, has been released by Genshin Impact. In the last part, Act III: Joy Just above Clouds, Alice’s voice was heard for the first time. This surprised everyone.

After you finish the event quests, you can find different characters all over the world. At the start of each act of the event, new Genshin Impact characters will appear on the map.

Finding Every Genshin Windblume Impact Character:

After you finish the last event quest in Act III of Genshin Impact, before you go looking for the Windblume characters, keep in mind that some of them will no longer be there.

For example, Dehya used to be on the upper levels of the outside paths of The Akademiya in Sumeru City. But our tests show that after Act III, she is no longer in this place.

But you can still find a lot of familiar faces in the Mondstadt area.

Timaeus And Ying’er Windblume:

Starting with Timaeus & Ying’er, this pair can be found talking in Mondstadt City behind the alchemy crafting table by the plaza fountain.

Where Is Cyno Windblume?

Next, you can find Cyno sitting at a table outside the pub next to Marjorie’s Souvenir Shop. This pub is called The Cat’s Tail.

Where Is Albedo Windblume?

If you look on the second-floor balcony of Good Hunter, you’ll see Albedo chilling out with a beer.

Eula, Amber, Collei, And Sucrose Windblume Location:

Amber, Collei, Sucrose, and Eula’s Windblume character location in Genshin Impact is near the building’s entrance right below the Knights of the Favonius Headquarters. During “A Riddle Amid the Crowds,” you will have been here with Collei and Sucrose.

Venti Windblume Location:

As expected, you can find the “Tone-Deaf Bard” relaxing at a table outside the Angel’s Share tavern on the northeast side of Mondstadt City.

Windblume, Mona And Klee Location:

We will go outside of Mondstadt City to reach the final two Windblume character locations. On the western side of Starfell Lake, you can see Mona and Klee looking out over the water.

Tighnari & Mika Windblume Location:

Lastly, Tighnari & Mika can be found on the sharp cliff edge north of the Statue of the Seven, between Dawn Winery & Springvale, enjoying the beautiful view.


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