How To Beat Zhuyan In Wo Long, Fallen Dynasty

How To Beat Zhuyan In Wo Long, Fallen Dynasty:

Combat in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is fast and hard, as well as the bosses are especially hard. After you beat the first boss, you’ll be in a new area with a lot of empty land.

At the end, you’ll face a powerful enemy that looks like a monkey. Zhuyan is the name of this big ape, and he’s able to easily beat you to a pulp. In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, this tutorial teaches you how to beat Zhuyan.

Zhuyan Is A Ape Like Demon Of Chinese Legend:

Zhuyan is a scary ape-like demon from Chinese mythology. You meet him halfway through the second mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Two Chivalrous Heroes. He is a scary monster whose appearance usually signals the start of a terrible war. He is the first of two monster bosses you’ll have to defeat in this mission.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a challenging action RPG like Nioh 1 and 2 and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which were also made by Team Ninja. Every quest in Wo Long ends with such a boss battle, just like in those games.

As the name of this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty mission suggests, you won’t be facing this boss alone. You’ll be joined by warlord Zhao Yun, who at the very least will be able to distract the ape and give you a moment to catch your breath.

Zhuyan Is The Game’s Second Main Boss:

Zhuyan is the game’s second main boss. You’ve come to the right place if you’re having trouble getting past this huge enemy or just want a few suggestions on how to do it. This is how you can defeat Zhuyan in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How To Get Ready For Zhuyan:

The 2 Chivalrous Heroes quest is suggested for gamers at Level 5, that you ought to have reached after the previous mission. Zhuyan’s morale starts at 10, so make sure you’ve also planted flags to raise your Fortitude Rank.

If you haven’t died and have fought sufficient opponents on the way, you might even be able to get your morale to 10 at this point. You should know and use the Wizardry Spell “Enhanced Defense,” but “Absorb Vitality” is also a good one to have.

This gives you as well as your allies a temporary HP boost when you deal damage. This is great when you can hit an enemy who has been stunned, so you don’t have to use your dragon’s cure pot. For this spell to work, your Wood virtue must be at level 3, and you must also know the Lightning Bolt spell.

Text tells you that this boss fight will also teach you to focus on lowering the boss’s spirit gauge’s upper limit so that spirit attacks and deflections can stun them much faster. Even though you should have been practicing this with Zhang Liang before, so you ought to be ready for this.

Zhao Yun Will Fight With You As Well:

Zhao Yun will be fighting with you here, so sometimes you can count on him to distract the ape while you take a break or score some quick jabs when he turns his back. He has a bigger health pool than you do, but keep in mind that he can still die. If this happens, you’ll have a chance to bring him back to life.

How To Get Rid Of Zhuyan:

This boss is very easy to beat, and you will have a lot less trouble with him than you did with the game’s first boss, Zhang Liang.

Earth Phase spells work best against Zhuyan. This is the most essential information to have about it. It means you will do more damage when you employ Earth Phase wizardry spells, like putting stone damage on your melee weapon.

You must be aware of Zhuyan’s two critical blow moves. The first one is when it lunges first at your leg. If you notice the red symbol, move away from the boss as quickly as you can. It will provide you with sufficient time to get out of the way of the critical blow.

Zhuyan jumps over you for the second critical blow. This one is pretty easy to avoid, and if you pay attention, you should be able to do it right.

As was already said, this boss is simple and easy. You only needed three Fatal strikes to beat Zhuyan. Damage done from behind is the finest method of filling up his negative Spirit.

If you stand behind Zhuyan, there aren’t any moves that can hurt you. But if you’re in front of it, it can hit you very hard.

Let your NPC friend Zhao Yun take the hits in front while you deal with such a mix of frequent, martial arts, as well as elemental attacks from the behind. If you follow these tips, you should easily be capable of defeating Zhuyan.

Zhuyan Reward:

Zhuyan will drop a 4-star Yellow Turban Champion Helmet and a 3-star Yellow Turban Champion Armor when he is killed. If you kill him, you will get 3,500 Qi and 3,015 copper, but the totals of both can go up based on the gear you have on.


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