How And Where To Kill Seeker Soldiers In Valheim

How And Where To Kill Seeker Soldiers In Valheim:

The Seeker Soldiers, which look like beetles but can’t fly, are one of the most dangerous enemies you’ll face in Valheim. These elite mobs can crush unready adventurers with their huge jaws or pierce them with their sharp claws.

Also, these big bugs have a very thick shell called a carapace that gives them some protection from blunt, piercing, or slashing attacks. No matter how tough they are, Seeker Soldiers can still be killed.

Those who beat these nasty beetles will get valuable insect parts & Seeker Soldier trophies, which can be used to call back The Queen, the Boss of the Mistlands.

Seeker Soldiers may be quite annoying, especially when you first start playing. So, if you follow our guide for how to easily defeat Seeker Soldiers in Valheim, your fights will go much more smoothly. Below, you’ll find all the information you need about these creatures as well as how to deal with them.

Soldiers on The Lookout:

You can run into the Seeker Soldiers in a couple of places. The Infested Mines is one of these places. The Mistlands is where the other one is. They can show up in any place in that area. The way these monsters act is a lot like that of soldier ants, since they safeguard eggs and young.

Seeker weakness:

If you try to fight a Seeker head-on, you’ll find out quickly that they don’t take much damage from physical attacks. You can block their attacks, but you don’t do much damage in return. Your best option is to get behind them and then back stab from there, but you’ll have to be careful of their legs to hit their stomach.

They are weak to damage from certain types of elements, so the Staff of Embers or the Frost Staff are going to be extremely helpful here. If you don’t have magic yet, the Frostner hammer is a good substitute. It will slow them down, which could make them easier to deal with.

They could also be poisoned. The feather cape is also recommended because some of their attacks get a big knockback, as well as you don’t want to drop to your killing while fighting in the Mistlands, which has a lot of dangerous drops.

How To Kill Seeker The Best Way:

In close-quarters combat, it is very hard to beat a Valheim Seeker Soldier because they are resistant to physical attacks. On the other hand, the armor on its tail or back abdomen is not as strong as the armor on the rest of its body.

But it would be hard to get behind a Seeker Soldier if you weren’t already sneaking around. Yes, it is possible to parry, but counterattacking a giant angry beetle is not easy and takes a lot of practice .

So, the best way to get rid of Seeker Soldiers in Valheim is to use elemental or magical attacks.

Use magic weapons like the Staff of Embers or fire, frost, or poison arrows shot from a bow to defeat Seeker Soldiers in Valheim quickly and easily. Since Eitr can be refilled, it may cost less to use a Staff of Embers or Staff of Frost.

In our case, we found a place in an Infested Mine where the Seeker Soldiers, who couldn’t fly, couldn’t get to us. We then used magic attacks in Valheim to easily kill them. This strategy might seem like it lacks courage, but it works well for people who aren’t very good at parrying.

Frostner and Mistwalker are powerful weapons against Seeker Soldiers in Valheim, but you still have to get close to the monsters to use them. We tried to use the Dead Raiser to get our Skelett to fight a Seeker Soldier for us, but the beetle killed the skeleton quickly.

So, the best ways to catch Seeker Soldiers are with the Staff of Embers as well as the Staff of Frost. If you can see the enemy, you should use the Staff of Frost.

On the other hand, the fiery blasts from the Staff of Embers’ projectiles do great area-of-effect damage if you are not close enough to your opponent to hit them directly.


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