All Soft Caps For Wo Long, Fallen Dynasty Statistics

All Soft Caps for Wo Long, Fallen Dynasty Statistics:

Like most other role-playing games, Wo Long: Fall Dynasty lets you improve your character as you play. In the beginning, you learn about the upgrade system and how to start putting your points into the right stats to make your character unbeatable.

But right now, a lot of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty players are curious about the soft caps for stats. Well, they do exist, and our guide will tell you about them.

All RPGs with a level-up system have soft caps, & Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty isn’t any different. During the early game, it helps players slowly improve their stats. During the mid-to-late game, when players level up, their stats drop by a lot.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is like Souls Game in that it has different stats that players can use to build their characters. But since skill or attribute points are limited, it’s important to know what their soft caps are. If you can only focus on one stat, it may be hard to level up or change the other stats.

And once a stat has reached the Soft cap, it doesn’t matter if you level it up or improve it. Because they will give you less money as a bonus. But what are each stat’s soft caps? Check out our guide to learn about all of Wo Long’s soft caps.

What Is A Soft Cap:

As you keep levelling up a certain stat, you start to get less and less out of it. This is called a “soft cap.” In the other words, if you attain a particular level in one stat and keep levelling it up, you won’t receive the same size of a bonus as if you used that point to level up another stat. I am aware that it may be difficult to understand. Let’s look at a specific case.

Here’s How To Understand:

Say your attack power reaches level 20, or every time you level up, you get a 2% boost. When you get to level 21, your attack power will only go up by 1%. This means that level 20 is the soft cap. If you want to get the most out of your points, you should spend them elsewhere.

How Fair Is Soft Cap?

In a game like Souls, where the bad guys are much stronger, soft caps may seem unfair, but they keep the game challenging by preventing players from getting too good.

Stats Soft Caps:

In Wo Long: Fall Dynasty, the way to level up your character is based on your Virtues. In the game, there are a total of five Virtues: Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, & Metal. Each Virtue does have a soft cap that tells you when you shouldn’t put any more points into it.

And for those who are wondering, the soft cap is the level after which investing in a certain Virtue is pointless because it gives you little benefit.

There are three levels to the soft cap of the Fire Virtue. The level of the initial one is 15, the level of the second is 30, and the level of the third is 46. You won’t see a big change in your gains until you reach level 30.

On the other hand, your health and spirit defense won’t get much better after you reach level 40, which is the soft cap of the Wood Virtue.

The level 30 soft cap for the Earth Virtue. When you use this Virtue, your attack power goes up by 3 points per level until you reach the soft cap. However, you only get 2 points after level 30. Regarding the Metal Virtue, its soft cap is at tier 10.

After that, your spirit suitability only goes up by three points per level, which is a lot less than the eight points it goes up by before reaching the soft cap. The last virtue is the Water Virtue. This particular model is unique from the others because it doesn’t have a soft cap.

Metal Virtue helps the spirit last longer and stops the spirit bar from going down when it hasn’t been used for a while. It also makes it easier to cast wizardry spells and makes enemies less powerful. The soft cap for Metal Virtue is level 10.

Up to this level, each level of spirit sustainability is worth eight points. After that, it goes down to three pts until level 22, and then it keeps going down from there.

Water Virtue increases all of the character’s stats, like the amount of critical hits and the number of times they can sneak. It also cuts down on how much spirit is used when deflecting.

This skill tree doesn’t have an initial soft cap. Instead, it depends on how many wizardry spells you want to learn.


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