Gina Carano: fired from The Mandalorian and Star Wars


The Chilean actor will star in the series along with Bella Ramsey, from Game of Thrones.

HBO’s The Last of Us series already has stars. This morning, many of you will have woken up to the news that Pedro Pascal, star of Narcos and The Mandalorian, will be Joel in the television series; and Bella Ramsey, one of the revelation actresses of Game of Thrones, will play Ellie in this production.

Of course, the networks’ reactions have not been long in coming, including Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog and creator of The Last of Us.

Through his personal account, the person in charge of games like The Last of Us 2 has been very excited about the signings of this production that has the creator of Chernobyl (the series, not the nuclear power plant).

“We are absolutely thrilled for Bella to join the TLoU family!” Commented Druckmann after the first announcement. And, after confirming the signing of Pedro Pascal a few hours later, the Israeli developer added that “And … There is the other half, excited to have Pedro onboard our series!”.

The actors’ response has not been long in coming, both those of the series and those of the video game. Pedro Pascal responded to the news on social networks with two emojis as a joke, indicating that this opportunity has blown his head. “These are the correct emojis, right?” He asked jokingly.

While actress Ashley Johnson, who has given life to Ellie in video games, congratulated Ramsey as follows: “All hail the lady from Bear Island, “referring to her role in Game of Thrones, which earned a thank you from this actress.

More explicit has been Troy Baker in his reaction, Joel’s actor in the video games: “F ** k. Yeah. I can’t wait to know what I can learn from Pedro about Joel Tighten your seatbelt people . travel”.

With actors from The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones at the helm, HBO’s The Last of Us series will feature director Kantemir Balagov in charge of its first episode. With the likes of Gustavo Santaolalla in order of the award-winning soundtrack. The composer also produced the music for the two games.


The Last of Us 2 for PS4 available on sale

As for the original games, The Last of Us: Part II went on sale last summer for PS4, available on the new PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility.

The sequel to Naughty Dog not only won the 2020 Game of the Year award at The Game Awards but is also currently the game with the most GOTY awards in history.

If you haven’t tried it yet, we remind you that TLoU 2 is available on sale for 29 euros right now and that on our website, you can consult a complete analysis of The Last of Us 2.


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