Guide To Honkai Star Rail’s Simulation Of The Universe

Guide To Honkai Star Rail’s Simulation Of The Universe:

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail has different ways to test your team’s strength at the end of the game and each week.

The Simulated Universe is one of the first weekly tasks you can do. It’s a roguelike where you kill enemies to get special buffs. As you finish virtual worlds, you may acquire points that can be redeemed for a variety of prizes.

You should be able to open a lot of lessons for the Simulated Universe. Once you’ve done that, go to Herta’s office in the Herta Space Station. Walk up to the bright opening to start your HSR adventure in a virtual world.

Hoyoverse wants Honkai: Star Rail to be popular for a long time, so there are many ways to get items for the game without having to pay for them. One of these features is the Simulated Universe, which you can unlock fairly early in the game.

Herta is a smart character inside the game, who wants to find out more about the Aeons, which are powerful beings in this world. You will not only learn about the Aeons, yet you will also unlock different prizes every week, such as Stellar Jades.

So, you’ll need to beat the last boss, which may be hard. These are not your typical enemies in Honkai Star Rail. Some of them are very hard to beat. This guide will tell you about the artificial world as well as what to expect from it.

What Exactly Is The Simulated Universe?

Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe is an online roguelike weekly where you fight waves of enemies, strong enemies, as well as bosses. If you beat these enemies, you’ll get a buff that makes your team stronger during your run.

There are many “worlds” in the imagined universe, so as you move from one world to the next, the difficulty that you run becomes harder.

You may search for drops in each world that can be used to improve your character or your weapons. Every world additionally has a “first-time clear” prize that you can get if it’s your first time finishing the world.

When you finish a virtual world, you get points that you can add up to a maximum of 3,500. To see how far you’ve come, click “Current Score” at the bottom right of the screen.

Each week, you can get Stellar Jades, credits, Star Rail Passes, as well as Herta Bonds, which are a special coin you can use at Herta’s Store to get even more prizes. Let’s look at the index now.

You Can Look At The Benefits, Curios, And Aeons You’ve Unlocked Here.

When you kill an enemy, you’ll get a buff called a “blessing.” These bonuses will last for the whole run. Curio is an advantage that you can get in World 3. You can buy these buffs with cosmic pieces. You can also look at aeons, which are basically gods that symbolize a certain way.

How To Win In The Simulated Universe:

In Honkai: Star Rail, you can start a virtual universe run by clicking on the world you want and drawing your team.

Each world will tell you what types of items you should bring and what kinds of enemies you are likely to meet. When you draught a team, you’ll usually want to have one defence unit, like a shielder or healer.

You can choose which “path” you would like to take, which changes the buffs you might get and gives you a small boost.

You can choose a Blessing of Trailblaze before you start your virtual world run. Usually, you have the option between a gift, a curioso, or cosmic pieces.

Beat The Enemies To Obtain Some Free Rewards:

When you go into the virtual world, you’ll follow a set plan and meet enemies together the way. Beat these enemies to get a gift, which will help your team get through the maze by giving them many buffs.

You’ll also find a lot of other rooms, like one where you can treat your team as well as switch characters, and special events where you can get cosmic pieces or extra buffs. The objective is to get to the finish line of the road and beat the boss at the end.

When you finish the imagined world in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll get a lot of points that will go towards your weekly progress as well as skill points. You may use skill points on your skill tree, which will give you overall buffs for any of your virtual world runs.

You will sometimes get Herta’s Bonds, which can be spent at Herta’s Store. Here, you can buy Stail Rail Passes and 5-star guns that will help your free-to-play characters.

That’s all you require to know about Honkai: Star Rail’s artificial world. Make sure you do this each week to get the most out of it.


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