How To Solve The Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Door Puzzle

How To Solve The Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Door Puzzle:

In Honkai: Star Rail, as you look around the Herta Space Station, you’ll come across a door that’s locked in the Base Zone that needs some kind of proof to open.

When you touch the device, it will tell you to finish the triple authentication proof card before trying again. The one drawback is that there are no instructions on how to obtain the card.

In Honkai: Star Rail, keep reading in order to figure out how to obtain the triple authentication proof card and unlock the door. As you play Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll come across a lot of different tasks and problems.

The same people who made Genshin Impact also made this new sci-fi strategy RPG. You start your trip on the Herta Space Station, which has mysteries to be found.

If you look around the Base Zone, you’ll find a door with a triple identification lock. In Honkai: Star Rail, there are several methods available for figuring out how to fix the triple identification door problem. But don’t worry, we’ve got the answers you need.

Here’s where you will discover these hidden authentication cards along with how to use them to open the Triple Authentication Door within Honkai: Star Rail.

Location Of The Triple Authentication Door:

In Honkai: Star Rail, the triple identification door is in the Base Zone of the Herta Space Station.

To open it, you’ll have to find three access authentication cards that are hidden around the Herta Space Station as well as combine them into a triple authentication verification card.

Figure out where every one of the three decks of cards is as well as what you’ll have to do to get it in the parts that follow.

How To Figure Out How To Open The Triple Authentication Door:

In the Base Zone area of the Herta Space Station, the Triple Authentication Door is in this passage. beneath this locked door is a room that you can only get to if you find three identification cards.

Where The Initial Suthentication Card Can Be Found:

Discover the man with an afro in the Herta Space Station’s Master Control Zone. He is next to Wen Shiqi close to the front of the ship. You only need speak to the NPC a total of five times for him to give you the card.

Where The Second Validation Card Is Kept:

Go to the teleport waypoint, which is outside the Control Centre (First Floor) in the Herta Space Station’s Storage Zone. Use the panel to open the door beneath you so you can go through it. Here, you have to figure out how to make a light bridge work.

Go down and turn this thing on. This makes a blue bridge that you can walk across.

Keep going until you get to another control device. If you turn it on, it will make a grey bridge. Don’t go back yet continue on until you discover an additional control gadget behind these boxes. Also turn this one on to make the bridges turn orange.

Follow the new road up and cross the orange and grey bridges. You can make a blue bridge that leads to a new room by using this device. That room has the last key card. Go get it, and then keep going to find the last identification card.

Where The Third Authentication Card Is:

Go to the spot shown above in the Herta Space Station’s Master Control Zone. You should be able to talk to Arlan there and move forward with the Road to Revival side quest. Complete the side quest until it says “Activate the extinguished anchor within the target cabin.”

Go return to the base area and go to the following spot: You should be able to beat a strong enemy here. If you beat the enemy, you’ll get the last card.

How To Open The Door To Triple Authentication:

If you have all three cards, the Herta Panopticon System will send you a text message. Go back to the door that was locked and hand in all three passes. When you beat the two Voidrangers here, you can open the chest inside to get some gifts.


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