All The Mounts In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild And How To Get Them

All The Mounts In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild And How To Get Them:

In Breath of the Wild, horses have more than just a way to get around. They are your four legged companions and reliable partners. But why accept for your usual horse when you can find other, more interesting ones?

Each Mount Has Its Own Skill, Stats As Well As Quirks:

There are also sand seals, deer, as well as a huge bear named a Molduga that walks slowly. Each mount has its own stats, skills, as well as quirks that may make a big difference in your journey. Want to get across the fields quickly and quickly?

Get a horse. Need to get through the hot Gerudo Desert? Get on a sand seal. Want a little bit of raw power? Sit down on a bear. Here are all the mounts you may acquire in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild along with how to get them.

You Can Ride Many Animals And Many Other Monsters When You Explore TheĀ  Huge Map:

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, your can ride many animals and other monsters as you explore the huge land of Hyrule. You can use them to get around, as a component of a unique fight plan, or just for fun while you’re attempting to rescue Princess Zelda.

Other compared to the common horse, you can find rare and odd rides that you’ll want to find if you want to see all that Hyrule has to offer, including finishing shrine tasks and side quests that have to do with these creatures.

How To Obtain Each Mount:

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can do a lot of exploring. Walking around takes a lot more time than going around on your ride.


You can find these trusty horses all over Hyrule, but not every one of them are the same. If you want an animal with good stats, you will discover some of the greatest horses in the game in the Ridgeland Tower region.

Look for horses that have the same color all over, like black. These horses usually have better stats.

Unique Horses:

Now, let’s talk about the special horses, with their own skills and traits. Epona, Link’s faithful friend all through the Legend of Zelda series, is first on the list. To get Epona, you’ll need the Super Smash Bros. Link amiibo.

The White Stallion is the next horse. It is also known as Zelda’s horse. This horse is very tough but has a wild personality. To get this horse, you have to finish a side mission named “The Royal White Stallion,” which requires you to find and tame the horse.

Last, there’s the Giant Horse, which is very strong but moves slowly. It’s said to be Ganon’s horse, but no one is sure.

Animals In The Wild:

Breath of the Wild is full of wild animals that you can ride if you want to try something different. Even though you can’t record these mounts in posts, they’re still exciting to ride.

The Lord of the Mountain is a magical creature that lives on Satori Mountain, south of the Tower of the Hills, near a cherry tree and a small pond. At night, this animal gives off a blue glow that makes it easy to find.

StalhorseĀ  Is Another Unique Mount That You Can Ride:

The Stalhorse is another unique mount that skeleton Bokoblins ride .There are several places on the map where you are able to locate them between 21:00 and 5:00, but the easiest place to catch a single is in the North Tabantha Snowfield.

You can also ride deer and bears, but they are harder to catch. Most of the time, you’ll find them in wooded areas, as well as you’ll have to sneak up on them so you don’t scare them away.

But really, the sand seal is the most fun wild animal to ride. They live in the desert, mostly around Gerudo Town. They’ll get you via this hot region in a few minutes.


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