How To Find The Diamonds In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find The Diamonds In Tears Of The Kingdom:

You can find a lot of rare items and materials in Tears of the Kingdom, but diamonds are one of the most expensive things you can find.

As you could anticipate, these rare gems are able to be sold to traders for a lot of money, yet they also have a few of the greatest fusion strength in the game.

The real challenge is finding gems, which can be hard if you have no idea where to look. So, here are a few surefire ways for finding a few diamonds within Tears of the Kingdom, as well as a few more ways to make it easy to look for them.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, mining for gems and rock is a great way to make money. To find these materials, you’ll have to look in dangerous places.

You won’t always find them when you break open a big pile. Diamonds are one of the most wanted minerals in the game, so many players go out of the way to try to find them.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find this. When you break open a rock, you might find a diamond, but more frequently versus not, you’ll discover amber, flint, or if you’re lucky, a sapphire. If you’re looking for gems, there’s one person who often sells them for a lot of money.

How To Look For Diamonds:

We couldn’t believe what this Tears of the Kingdom seller was selling when we came across him by accident. On our journey to Goron City, we went right through it and stopped to look at some of the shops.

It turns out that a man named Gonguron sells things in this city, and he wants to sell you a few of these diamonds. You can find the seller in Goron City in the northwest corner of the map at locations 1645, 2446, and 0381.

The Tears of the Kingdom Diamond was worth more than 1,000 rupees, which makes it a very expensive thing unless we want to put it on a weapon or shield we’re already using.

We think it would be a better way to improve a tool out of the two. The diamond has 25 fuse power, which adds 25 attack power to any weapon used in a fusion.

Diamond is very hard to break, and adding it to a tool makes it much stronger and last longer. We’d suggest any of the bigger weapons or clubs you can use in ToK.

For example, a two-handed weapon can be turned into a big, spiked club to hit enemies who get too close. With just two hits, these can send enemies flying, presenting another reason why we like them so much.

There are a few places in TotK where diamonds can be found in boxes, but they are very hard to find. The best way to find diamonds regularly is to buy them from a seller. However, they cost a lot of rupees, so you’ll would like to be wary with the cash when you want to buy one.

How To Get Diamonds Within Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom:

If you’ve got a lot of rupees or would like to get a single diamond quickly for the duplication bug, you can visit Goron City within Death Mountain and purchase diamonds via a Goron sitting next to the armor shop at map locations 1643, 2444, 0381. Each diamond costs 1000 rupees.

Where In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom To Sell Diamonds:

Normal shops sell diamonds for 500 rupees each, but to make the most money, you should save them up and sell them to Ramella within Goron City. She gives 5,500 rupees for a batch of ten diamonds.

Keep within mind that Ramella requires diamonds in groups of 10, and she doesn’t always want diamonds, so you’ll muster up patience for her raised gem prices to change or give her the group of gems she wants instead.

Go to the road that leads up to Goron City as well as talk to two Gorons (1505, 2384, as well as 0364) who are attempting to deceive you out of your gems.

This will let you sell to Ramella. Ramella will help, as well as the Amber Dealer side task will become available. Give Ramella 10 amber to finish the Amber Dealer quest. This will begin the process of boosting the prices of gems she sells.

Look around Goron City throughout the day to find Ramella again. Most of the time, we’ve seen her looking at the stores in the middle of Goron City that sell different gems.


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