Eco-conscious transportation is cool and it’s direly needed

We all are aware of that by now the transportation is very costly, not only in terms of bank accounts but also that of Earth’s health and our own. Pollution due to automobiles is often dismissed as a general far off concept. These emissions are given off and mix in with the air we breathe as well as the Earth’s atmosphere. This is one of the major causes of air pollution and increasing carbon footprint, which leads to an intensified greenhouse effect.

Trying to eradicate this problem Metal sculpture, Josh Hadar has figured out a way to do just that by eliminating the emissions that stream from our day to day transportation choices. Using a bunch of creativity and the solar energy, John Hadar has created a new eco – conscious form of transportation. John Hadar combines art and science by using the natural energy, the solar energy to fuel and create his handmade electric bikes and stresses on Eco-conscious transportation.

Recently, Mahindra and Tata have come up with renewable energy solutions through the electric variant A and the Reva respectively. They also have arranged for the government subsidies to ease the buying of these cars and act as an incentives for the customers to buy these cars.

It is a sole need not to give up on saving the precious environment as a lost cause, but instead try our best to help in whatever possible way we can. We should see the purpose in attempting to conserve and preserve the threatened environment around the globe. This is because so much harm has been done already but conscientiousness is vital and essential in limiting the potential damage as well as cleaning up the environment in the possible way we can. This is something we surely must not abandon.


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