Samsung is testing a dual screen prototype, a report says

Samsung is prepping a way to follow up its Galaxy S8 flagship with an even more mesmerizing and impressive handset- it could come with a futuristic dual display design. According a report from Korean publications The Investor and ET News, the tech giant Samsung is developing a prototype for a smartphone with two displays connected to each other with a hinge in the middle. Not only this, the dual screen setup will allow the device to fold up to 180 degrees. Recently a report suggested that Samsung was aiming to produce commercialized foldable phones by 2019.

The tech giant Samsung seems to be testing the waters with the dual screen prototype device to gather ideas about its upcoming foldable phone. The tech giant has long cherished the idea of making a phone with completely a foldable display even going so far as to produce a concept ad for the non-existent products.

According to a publication, the tech giant already placed orders for plans and components to produce between 2000 to 3000 prototypes in its first half of the year. The outlet also added that the display division of Samsung has been gradually ramping up its screen tech research efforts with a best plan to roll out a limited batch of foldable handsets in the latter half of the year.

Samsung obviously knows the appeal of the premium hardware but the question is will foldable displays even be useful and will this benefit make up with the inevitable shortcomings? But probably a good way to find out this is by the testing of the dual-screen smartphones. Since the foldable products draw the most attention in market recently, reason being Samsung Electronics make an effort to introduce the foldable smartphones as ultra-premium products.


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