Date Of Release, Trailers, And Editions Available For Pre-Order For Lies Of P

Date Of Release, Trailers, And Editions Available For Pre-Order For Lies Of P:

Lies of P constitutes a action-soul game that takes some dark turns from the story of Pinocchio. The game takes place in Krat, a dark city that looks like it’s from the Belle Epoque and is full of monsters and secrets.

At the 2023 Summer Game Fest, more information about the game has been released, such as the release date, pre-order extras, and a test that I will definitely check out. Here’s what the Lies of P Summer Game Fest video tells us.

Lies of P was an action RPG that is based on the story of Pinocchio. It takes place in a sinister and twisted world. Players take on the role of Gepetto’s creation, a version of Pinocchio, in order to tear apart the crazy creations that seem to have won over an alternate version of Hong Kong.

After a brand new video was shown at yesterday’s Summer Game Fest, it emerged that the release date for Lies of P is now September 19. In addition to that, but people who want to can now pre-order the game from a number of stores.

The Lies of P release date is now officially announced, so we know when we can anticipate Round8 Studio’s highly anticipated Souls-like. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this release, like the fact that the gameplay and story sound good.

Here, we’ll talk about when Lies of P will come out, how it will be played, what it’s about, and more before it comes out later this year. If you just can’t wait to play the full game, you can even try out a demo of Lies of P right now.

When Will Lies Of P Be Out In Stores?

Lies of P will come out on September 19, 2023. The game will come out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC all at the same time. For now, everything we know is that people who pre-order the digital special version will get early entry for 72 hours.

Can I Buy Lies Of P In Advance?

Lies of P can be pre-ordered at GAME for £49.99 or £59.99. As August 2023, when it will come out, gets near, the price could come down. All pre-orders include the ‘Mischievous Puppet’s Set’ outfit.

The Basic Version:

  • Order Lies of P for PS4 in advance.
  • Order Lies of P for PS5 in advance.
  • Lies of P can be pre-ordered on Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

Deluxe Edition:

  • PS5
  • Xbox
  • PS4

The physical Deluxe Edition is only available at GAME. It includes the fundamental game, a steel-book case, a tome-inspired collector’s box, a 92-page hardback artbook, The Great Venigni’s Set, and a unique mask to wear at the festival.

If you preferred PC games, you can also pre-order the game on Steam. If you buy the Digital Deluxe Edition before the game comes out, you can play it three days early.

You can pre-order it on Steam or on platforms by going to the PlayStation Store as well Xbox Store. You are able to locate the demo here.

What Devices Can You Enjoy Lies Of P On?

You can buy and play Lies of P on PC through Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, as well as Xbox One. Fans of the Switch, it looks like this one won’t be on Nintendo’s combination device.

Lies of P serves as a Game Pass launch title for Xbox. Subscribers will not have to pay extra to play the game.

Trailers For Lies Of P:

We’ve seen two trailers for the game so far, and both of them look good.

How To Get The Demo Of Lies Of P:

You can get the Lies of P demo by getting to the store on your computer and looking for the Lies of P game.

The demo can be downloaded between the ninth of June and June 27, 2023, but it can only be used for a short time. After June 27, you won’t be able to download as well as play the test anymore.

The demo of the game can be found on Steam, the Xbox Game Store, and the PlayStation Store. The game demo will provide you an overview of the action as you play as Pinocchio using a wide range of guns as well as mechanical gadgets to kill robotic enemies.

Pre-order Bonuses For Lies Of P:

Both the Standard as well as Deluxe versions of Lies of P come with extras if you buy them before the game comes out. The Mischievous Puppet outfit will be given to those who pre-order the standard edition. Those who buy the Deluxe Edition ahead of time will get the following:

  • 72 Hours Early Access
  • Mischievous Puppet’s Clothes
  • Mischievous Puppet’s Parade Hat
  • The Great Venigni’s Signature Coat
  • The Great Venigni’s Glasses
  • Mask worn by those preparing for the festival


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