Release Date, Game Play, And Trailers For Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Release Date, Game Play, And Trailers For Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth:

Square Enix has said when and where Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come out. Fans who play FF7 Remake when it came in 2020 were forced to patiently wait a few years for its sequel, but soon they’ll have answers to all the questions left through the first game in the remake series.

We all knew that Final Fantasy 7 Remake had been just the beginning, but we didn’t know how long we were going to be waiting for the remainder or even the amount of components this very big project would end up having.

Fans have been asking Square Enix for years to redo what could be the most famous and important JRPG ever, so there is plenty of pressure on these individuals to get it right.

Changes to so many parts of the core recipe were met with doubt at first, but once we enjoyed them in our grasp, it was almost widely praised.

Right now, it’s hard to say how much the story of Final Fantasy seven Rebirth will be different from the original. But based on the one caravan we’ve seen so far, we’re hoping to enjoy some time at Kalm before going to the Chocobo Ranch to watch a few big birds do a fancy not much dance.

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth video shown at Summer Game Fest picked up where the Final Fantasy VII Remake and the previous year’s Crisis Core remake left off.

It showed the party finally exterior the walls of Midgar, riding chocobos as well as talking about where Cloud has been for the past five years. This time around, Red XIII is going to be an available character, and Yuffie will also make a short showing.

When Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Be Out:

Square Enix has said that FF7 Rebirth will be out in early 2024, but they haven’t given a specific date. Also, it was said that FF7 Rebirth will be coming out on PS5.

This is surprising because the last game worked fine on the PS4, despite the fact it runs far more quickly on the PS5 hardware. Also, it’s rare that FF7 Rebirth will stay available for the PS5, since FF7 Remake ended up on the PC after a long time of being exclusive to the PS3.

Fans shouldn’t get too excited about this release date, because the “loose window” is just unclear enough that a delay could happen in the future.

Final Fantasy games have had delays before, even at the last minute, like with FF15 and Endwalker. Fans shouldn’t get too excited till Square Enix starts pushing the marketing machine hard and regular videos come out.


This is another cool part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake series as a whole. We all know that the initial part, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, was only available on PS4 when it came out. It later got an update for PS5 and a PC version.

But that game hasn’t been released on any other devices yet. So far as the reveal video shows, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will use the same formula, but it will not be on the PS4. This game can only be played on the PS5 when it comes out.

If Sony as well as Square Enix have the same kind of deal as they did with the first Final Fantasy 7 game, we think the PC version will come out within one year after the PS5 version.

We knew that Final Fantasy 7 Remake had been only a timed exclusive for Sony consoles, but the fact that it hasn’t come out on Xbox yet shows that the deal keeps the games restricted to Sony consoles till the next game within the series comes out or maybe even until the whole trilogy comes out.

That’s just a guess, but it’s the one thing which makes sense since it hasn’t come to Xbox in over two years.

Playing The Game:

So, what did the video show about the game? Most of the time, they just walked and did some cool fighting moves. It’s normal for a first movie to be like this, but we continue to learn a few interesting lessons from it.

First of all, it looks like the game is getting some new parts. There are five dots under each character’s health number. This may be a new thing that comes from fighting, so you might be able to use it in a new way to attack.

I noticed a few cool new strikes on my second watch. Now, our heroes will be able to fight as a group. In the video, you can see how Aerith and Tifa work together to do a special move. It looks like a lot of fun, and I wonder when everyone is going to get one with everyone else.

Now, CHOCOBOS was, of course, the most important game-play announcement. Our bird friends have returned and are doing well. We are able to ride them around, and they’re so cute! Square Enix should let us pet them, we hope.

What Number Of Discs Will Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth Be On?

Square Enix also said that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released on two discs. This marks a first release on the PlayStation 5, as well as the fact that it needs to be stretched out so much says that the game is going to have a huge file size.

Oddly enough, it implies that the reboot series has been spread out over more discs compared to the original game. Final Fantasy 7 was released on a total of three CDs, but the recreation series is already up to four discs, and the last game in the trio will take at least one more.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Is Not The Same As Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

The battle method in FF7 Rebirth is the same as in its predecessor, alongside a few changes. The video shows that both Red XIII as well as Yuffie can be played, and that they each have their own moves.

It was also shown that there exists a dual-attack system in which some party members can do special moves when they are paired up. The world of FF7 Rebirth is also much more open than that of FF7 Remake. The player can go outside of Midgar and see what’s there.

Trailer For FF7 Rebirth:

As of this writing, the most current FF7 Rebirth video was shown at Summer Game Fest 2023 and is now on the official Final Fantasy YouTube account.

This clip goes into a lot more detail than the one that was utilised for announcing the game. It shows the return of playable characters from FF7 as well as gives new details about how the game is played.


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