In Tears Of The Kingdom, How Do I Get Sun Pumpkins

In Tears Of The Kingdom, How Do I Get Sun Pumpkins?

One of the more unusual things within Tears of the Kingdom is the sun pumpkin. When they are cooked right, they can fix damage done by Gloom. This makes them extremely helpful for exploring the Depths and fighting monsters that deal damage from Gloom.

Pumpkins that have been softened by the sun are not easy to get. In fact, you might not have seen one during the game at all. So, let’s break down how to obtain Sun Pumpkins within Tears of the Kingdom.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you won’t be able to get every item you find right away.

As the game goes on, a few of them will show up and work with the people of Hyrule while you perform quests for them. during my Tears of the realm run, I learned about Sun Pumpkins, which are a new kind of veggie.

Sun Pumpkins have a special kind of veggie that you can only get at the end of the game, after you’ve done a few specific jobs.

We had to go down the rabbit hole for a while, but it was well worth it to get these pumpkins. Within Tears of the Kingdom, here’s what you must understand about how to obtain Sun Pumpkins.

How To Get Access To Sun Pumpkins:

Before talking about how to get Sun Pumpkins in The Old Kingdom, it’s important to finish a few tasks first.

The Mayoral Election within Hateno Village is what these quests are about. I had to finish this quest and all of its side tasks before I could start working on getting the Sun Pumpkins.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, these are all the tasks that need to be done to finish The Mayoral Election.

  • A Letter to Koyin
  • A New Signature Food
  • Cece’s Secret
  • Reede’s Secret
  • Team Cece or Team Reede?

After I finished those five quests and finished The Mayoral Election search, I was finally able to get the Sun Pumpkins. But there is still some work to do and a special goal to complete in Hateno.

To Finish Homegrown In Hateno:

Homegrown in Hateno is a new side quest you can start in Hateno Village during your Tears of the Kingdom run. I came across this treasure within the pumpkin patch, which is on the west side of the village, close to where the village ends and before Ginner Woods.

Reede is waiting here to talk to us. When you talk to him, he tells you that demons have been targeting the pumpkin patch that night, yet they are gone in the morning.

He wants our help at night to protect the place. I could either wait for him to find out the monsters that were hitting this area or come back later. There’s no better time than now, so I decided to help right away, and we waited for the monsters until it got dark.

As soon as it gets dark, the monsters come. They came at the pumpkin within waves, allowing me a lot of time to fight some of them before going on to the next set.

I could fix myself every now and then, but after the fourth or 5th wave, the monsters stopped coming. Within Tears of the Kingdom, the demons go away at 5:00.

Reede said that after he finished the quest, he was able to make a new kind of pumpkin dubbed a Sun Pumpkin.

I got five of them as a prize, but the General Store in Hateno Village didn’t sell them. They should be available there for the remainder of the Tears of the Kingdom game.

Getting Sun Pumpkins:

When Homegrown within Hateno is done, you’ll get five Sun Pumpkins as a prize. Then, you can go to the General Store in Hateno Village, where each Sun Pumpkin costs 20 Rupees.

There are just two, but you may purchase more when the stock changes. It’s hard to get a lot of Sun Pumpkins, so use them to their fullest when you can. They work the same way as dandelions, which open up hearts that Gloom has closed off.

Without giving anything away, it’s a very useful item near the conclusion of the game, when many enemies can give Gloom damage. Link can do a lot better in fight if he has a lot of food that can heal these lost hearts.


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