Nano technology flourishes and sound chip center lands in Tainan

In response to the development trend of the industry, the National Laboratory Research Institute will be stationed in Chengdu University to enhance the R&D and energy of Taiwan’s Nano technology. The Tainan Base of the Nano Chip Center will be jointly established with Chengdu University in Li Xing Campus.

The high-standard semiconductor dust-free room will be set up in line with the industry, the doctor intelligent sound chip laboratory and the green science and technology will be set up. The exhibition area is expected to operate in early 2019. Wang Yong He, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the Nano Chip center will not only train qualified personnel for semiconductor and Nano technology research and development, but also support the semiconductor industry.

The Earth breaking Ceremony of the Tainan Base of the Nano Chip Center was held at 9:00 am. yesterday. It was co-chaired by President Su Hui Zhen of Chengdu University and President Wang Yong He of the National Research Institute.

In addition, the Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Chen Zong-quan, Deputy Director of the South Science Administration, Su Zheng-gang, Director of Research and Development of Chengdu University, Xie Sun-yuan, President of the Institute of Technology, Li Wei-xian, and President of the Institute of Electricity and Technology, Xu Wu Bing-sheng, chairman of the board of directors of State and Miracle Optoelectronics, and other guests was invited. They offered their prayers and presented their gifts to pray for the smoothness and completion of the project.

The Tainan Base of the Nano Chip Center is located in Li Xing Campus of Chengdu University. It is rebuilt from two old buildings with a total area of nearly 900 square meters. It is scheduled to be operational after 28 months.

Wang Yong He said that although the National Academy of Sciences in Hsinchu has a stronghold in Nan Ke, the traffic is not convenient enough. Once jointly set up a Tainan base for Nano Chip Center together with Chengdu University, it will have excellent geographical position, and will set up high-standard dust-free rooms, biomedical chip laboratories and so on. With a large number of sound chip talents and the joint investment of industry, academia and research circles in South Taiwan, it will surely bring into play the multiplying effect that one plus one greater than two, producing bright sparks and more value in the future.

The Tainan Base of the Nine Chip Center is planned to have a dustproof room of 200 pings. It will work with the voice module industry to develop three nanometers or even higher level semiconductor fabrication related technologies and develop novel materials. In addition, Nano-scale and low-energy sensors that meet the requirements of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and intelligent manufacturing will be developed through the integrated technology platform of micro-electro-mechanical systems.


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