Best Broom, How To Equip The Broom & How To Upgrade Broom In Hogwarts Legacy

Best Broom, How To Equip The Broom & How To Upgrade Broom In Hogwarts Legacy:

In this article, we’ll go over the distinctions between all of the Hogwarts Legacy brooms when you earn the ability to fly.

Best Broom In The Hogwarts Legacy:

Any of the brooms offered by Sprint Witches Sporting Need and the one you found most physically attractive are the greatest in Hogwarts Legacy. There are no metrics associated with them, so you don’t have to worry about picking the strongest one.

All of these brooms are only aesthetic enhancements when you arrive to the Hogwarts Legacy Sprint Witches Sporting Needs store, so you only have to switch to the one that looks the best in your opinion as you go through the game. The broom you’re using will have no affect on your Hogwarts Legacy builds or the finest Hogwarts Legacy items you’re aiming to equip.

Unlocking The Bright Spark Broom:

The Bright Spark Broom is the greatest Broom in Hogwarts Legacy, a stunning piece of artisan-ship with a curved saddle for comfort and a lovely curving tip with two dangling stars. These stars generate a dazzling and pleasant radiance that is especially enticing after midnight. Of all, declaring the Bright Spark Broom to be “the finest” is purely subjective, since all Broomsticks are equal. However, one feature distinguishes this Broom from others in Hogwarts Legacy.

This unique trait is linked to the process of obtaining the Bright Spark Broom in Hogwarts Legacy. To get this Broomstick, you must locate and burst every single enormous Balloon on the global map. There are 32 groupings of Balloons, with five in each cluster, for a total of 160 Balloons. We completed this pretty arduous chore in one sitting and can report that the full process of hunting down & bursting every Balloon will take a minimum of 53 minutes. This task may take somewhat less time if you have completely improved your Broom with Albie.

It is important to remember that getting the “best” Bright Spark Broom in Hogwarts Legacy is dependent on completing two necessary quests Madam Kogawa’s Assignments 1 and 2. These two side tasks will create 20 of the 160 Balloons you will meet on your adventure and will only exist if the assignments have been activated. According to our testing, you may begin the 2nd assignment after completing the first by altering the time of day once using the in-game map. Of course, we don’t recommend popping all the Balloons at once, but the fascinating Bright Spark Broom, which comes with three additional Broomsticks, is unquestionably an Exploration Challenge prize worth the effort.

How to Use a Broom:

You must first ensure that you have completed your first flying class at Hogwarts. You may obtain this quest by simply progressing through the main tale, and fulfilling it enables you to buy a broom in Hogsmeade. After acquiring a broom, it may be fitted using the item wheel. Console players may unlock the wheel by pushing their respective front left bumper, whilst PC users can do so by hitting the Tab key.

On the right side of the screen, the wheel displays all of your unlocked rides, and hitting the button next to each immediately equips it.

This, however, will not always be the case. You will be unable to use your broom inside any buildings or cities. When you are unable to fly in specific regions, a symbol near the HUD’s mini map will show.

When you are unable to fly in specific regions, a symbol near the HUD’s mini map will show.

Now that you have your broom, you should think about improving the magical item. After completing Albie Weeks’ Flying Test quest, his Spin Twitches Sporting Needs business will provide the first available upgrade, enhancing its speed and acceleration. However, if you need to go to your next task quickly, Floo Flames’ rapid travelling skill should suffice.

Upgrading Your Broom:

Purchasing your first broom will also open the side quest, Flight Test, from Mr. Weekes, who will recommend seeing Iselda Reyes at the Quidditch Pitch.

After chatting with her, she will challenge you to a time trial in which you must fly across the rings, beginning at the Quidditch Pitch and finishing at a cove near the Hogsmeade Station.

During a time trial, you must fly through rings placed around the course in an area. If you miss a ring during the trial, three seconds will be added to your time. You’ll see numerous yellow bubbles between the rings as you race around a time trial circuit. Hit the bubbles to temporarily enhance the speed of your broom. Make an effort to strike these bubbles as often as possible.

You will reach the finish line after passing each of the circles. If you beat the quickest time, you may return to Albie & discuss a broom improvement with him. Albie will create a new upgrade for you after each time trial. You will be notified whenever an upgrade is ready in his store, and each improvement will price you 1,000 Galleon, so make sure you have lots of money saved up.


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