The Top 10 Minecraft Secret Base Designs, Ideas, And Concepts

The Top 10 Minecraft Secret Base Designs, Ideas, And Concepts:

Minecraft is a fantastic game to play alone, but it may be much more enjoyable when played on a server with other people. Getting together with a group of friends to develop a town or even a city together is an unforgettable experience, but there are times when you wish to play with other people you don’t necessarily trust. It might be a friendly “every man for himself” challenge or a public server full of strangers. In such cases, knowing how to conceal your base and secure your possessions is essential. Here are 10 strategies, ideas, and thoughts for hiding your Minecraft foundation from others.

Secret Lava Roof Entrance:

Nobody would think that an underground covert base exists under a deadly lake of lava. You may configure a way for leaping into lava, extinguishing oneself, and dropping into the base. This may be accomplished by using constructions such as Oak Fence Gates (all open), which will prevent lava from pouring down, followed by a layer of water, and then another layer of open gates. Unless you drink a Fire Protection potion before leaping in, you will suffer some damage. To leave the base, you may construct a new hidden exit or use a Firework Rocket to return the way you came. Just have a water pool nearby in case you need to extinguish yourself again.

Fundamental Flush Piston Doors:

A set of simple flush piston doors is a small improvement over physically breaking and replacing blocks. They operate in a similar manner. They include removing the exterior layer of barriers constructed to blend in with the natural surroundings before reinstalling the blocks once the player has passed through.

A simple piston system requires more resources and space but it handles the blocks automatically, saving time. It is also extremely basic, making it an excellent introduction to redstone for people who have never used it.

Because the blocks are not fractured, these doors may be created of any block type or substance that complements the surrounding environment.

Crawlspace Access:

This trick only works in the Java version of Minecraft, where crawling is allowed and a one-block hole may be used to conceal your entry. There are several methods to conceal this basic but efficient crawlspace, including timed pistons and trapdoors used to embellish the exterior boundary. The trapdoor strategy, for example, works well for a hidden base placed inside a simpler decoy base. Scaffolding may also be used from a certain point to turn the crawlspace into a vertical shaft for a subterranean base.

Base of The Ocean Floor:

If you want to keep your base hidden from everyone, the best way is to take use of Minecraft’s oceanic depths. The further you go in the game, the darker the water becomes, so choose a suitable deep hole and establish your base there. You may fortify it with walls & glass panels, or even construct a concealed elevator shaft to access it if you don’t want to plunge every time.

Another solution for shallower water bases is to create a terrain feature in the water, cover it with algae, then bend the corridor around to prevent your base from interior light shining through.

Minecart Bug:

This technique of base entrance is an improvement on the previously discussed Bed approach. You’ll enter the base through a secret Minecart and escape via another. To discover the entryway, you’ll also need a Hoe. This is how it works.

Place a Minecart one block away from your secret subterranean or hillside base, followed by a first block. A grass patch will rapidly sprout on top of it, covering the carriage behind it. Remove the grass using the Hoe to make the Minecart intractable. Enter the cart, then leave, and you’ll be back at your base. Orient it similarly to the Bed technique, such that west is where you want to escape, since it is the key direction to eject. Build an exit from the base with another Minecart, leaving a diagonal spot unfilled on the outside.

Paintings As Hidden Entrances:

You’re undoubtedly aware that in Minecraft, you can walk through strategically placed paintings, such as those seen on signs rather than bricks. As a result, you may conceal an entrance to your secret base with a huge painting (for example, 33 or 44). Similarly, paintings may be used to conceal additional elements such as buttons, compartments with mechanisms to unlock hidden doors, and so on. If you place them above ground, remember to include bricks that you can climb on to get to the nook where you may pass through the painting.

Base At Top of The Tree:

Most Minecraft players will not hesitate to glance high at tree canopies. That’s why they’re perfect for concealing your base up high where no one can see it. For treetop bases, you have two basic alternatives. The simplest method is to construct a single large tree by hollowing out the leaves and constructing a modest concealed foundation outfitted with the minimal essentials.

The alternative choice allows you to create a larger treetop foundation. This is possible in a Jungle environment, where the canopy of trees is interconnected. In this case, you would keep the canopy’s bottom untouched while constructing above it, linking the trees to form an Ewok village-like foundation.

Piston Doors That Are Flush:

Flush Piston doors are an exquisite alternative if you’re constructing your base into the mountain and wish to make a stunning flush entryway. However, since this approach requires a lot of Redstone, it isn’t the most convenient choice. It is powered by a dual system that uses Redstone dust, pistons, & Repeaters, as well as two buttons to open and shut the doors. For further protection, you should conceal the exterior button behind some plants. Mysticat, a Minecraft YouTuber, has offered a full description of how to construct this approach.

Block of Dirt For a Wall:

Building into a dirt wall is the earliest and most basic method of concealing your base. Find a hill with dirt wall sides and remove two blocks to pass through them, then swiftly replace them behind you once inside. To remember which blocks to remove, mark the entry with something that blends in, such as a piece of plant.

The Bed As A Hidden Entrance:

A Bed is one of the easiest methods to build a covert entrance to a base. This approach works well, although it does have a few drawbacks. You could glitch through it by lying down and standing up if you place your Bed enclosed by blocks, with the hidden base on the opposite side of the wall. Even through obstacles, the spawn mechanisms will always put you to the west on the pillow side. The two primary drawbacks are that your bed would be exposed to the elements and that you may only utilize this approach at night when sleep connection is accessible.


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