How To Find Jobberknolls, Thestrals, And How to Capture a Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Find Jobberknolls, Thestrals, And How to Capture a Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy:

The Jobberknoll Feather, a colorful plume from the bird-like Beast known as the Jobberknoll, is one of the numerous materials you will need to upgrade and add Traits to your apparel in Hogwarts Legacy. These lovely animals reside in Jobberknoll Dens, which are huge trees where flying Beasts swarm and soar. Jobberknolls, like Fwoopers and Diricawls, are not aggressive but will run if any interested Hogwarts student goes too near to their personal space. They don’t go far from their den’s tree, and may be easily dazed with the Levioso spell before being retrieved with your Nab-Sack.

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are five Jobberknoll Dens spread over the Highlands region. Each one will produce a unique variety of the bird Beast, ranging from a brilliant blue with a black crest to a greenish aquamarine with a golden crest. If you’re fortunate, you could come across a Shiny Jobberknoll, which has dark, jet-black plumage. As previously stated, each of the nests is easily identifiable due to the enormous Jobberknoll tree present in each lair.

Jobberknolls Location in Hogwarts Legacy:

Once you have gotten your Flying Broom, you may easily reach the first 2 Jobberknoll Den locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

Jobberknoll Den in North Ford Bog:

The East North Ford Bog & North Ford Bog Entrance Floo Flames are located between the First Jobberknoll site. It may be found north of Upper Hogsfield, a little settlement north of Hogsmeade.

Jobberknoll, Feldcroft Region:

The second can be located on a Feldcroft Region overlook west of Iron-dale, the hamlet where you may take part in the Hogwarts South Broom Trial to get your second Broom Upgrade.

Jobberknoll Den At Marunweem Lake:

The third Jobberknoll Den in Hogwarts Legacy can be found in the Marunweem Lake area, just south of Marunweem, a hamlet in the Highlands’ southernmost part. Those who have yet to explore the map’s lower tiers may do so by entering the tunnel in the Medium Bandit Camp in South Sea Bog. There are no objectives that will prevent you from travelling via this subterranean channel, but remember that you must proceed on foot to avoid the hostile Goblins patrolling the tunnel-way.

Jobberknoll in Cragcroftshire:

The fourth Jobberknoll site is located on the side of a mountain southeast of Marunweem & east of Bainburgh, not far from the third. It’s in the upper-left corner of Cragcroftshire.

Cape Jobberknoll Manor:

The fifth and final Jobberknoll Den is located on the Manor Cape peninsula’s southern edge, south of the West Manor Cape Floo Flame. The Jobberknolls enjoy a beautiful view of the open lake from here, but there are no nearby Floo Flames, making this site less ideal for catching this Beast type in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to Locate Thestrals in Hogwarts Legacy:

Thestrals are one of three mountable monsters in Hogwarts Legacy. These are winged horses that may be seen by those who have experienced death. After rescuing these magical creatures, you may interact with, feed, and saddle them in Hogwarts Legacy. In Hogwarts Legacy, here’s how to gain Thestrals and Thestral Hair.

Thestrals are one of the few available mounts in the game. You can get one as a pre-order bonus, but if you want more, you’ll have to search the highlands. There are only 2 Thestral Dens in the game, one to the north and one to the south. The simpler of the 2 to access is located at the map’s northern perimeter. Travel north of the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame quick travel point to reach the den.

The 2nd of the Thestral Dens is Marunweem Lake, which may be located in the extreme south of the map. You may get here by passing through the goblin camp on your way to the Poidsear Coast. This Thestral Den is located in the mountains overlooking the lake on the eastern side of the area. While you’re there, you can also locate a few camps, caves, and Astronomy Tables.

Catching Thestrals:

Thestrals are not the simplest animals to capture, and it takes some skill and magic to do it. To begin with, Thestrals aren’t restricted by time of day, so you may discover them at any moment.

When you arrive to a Thestral Den, use the Disillusionment spell to conceal and prevent the Thestrals from fleeing. You’ll have a hard time capturing the Thestrals if they run since they’re as swift as Hippogriffs. When you’re near to a Thestral, use a spell like Arresto Momentum to halt it, then use your Nab-Sack to capture it. Levioso is another useful spell.


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