Australian artist changing the music scene with his style of rap and convincing performance

Artist has a couple of singles growing with increasing popularity in the airwaves

Australia: Rap music is a revolution that has taken the entire world by storm and the vibrations of it keep revealing itself every day, in artists around the globe. BIG KIDD is one of such artists that are blessed with lyrical and vocal capability, ready to take over the world. (

The young Australian rapper has so much to offer with his vocal delivery, unique style, artistic expressions, and beat. His songs have a way of sticking into the listener’s mind, long after experiencing it. Although BIG KIDD is an unsigned artist, his music has the tenacity and vibe to invigorate the spirit and energize the soul.

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“I have always loved music from a very young age. The voice, beat, and lyrics inspired me and became part of my growing up. I love music, and that is why for every song I produce, I try to put in my best. I try as much as possible to create something unique that my fans would love and I’m excited that it’s working out just fine for me. I hope to do more in the future and lead my fans to a medium where they get to enjoy the very best of what I have to offer this world.

BIG KIDD is one of the few artists from Perth, Australia who are changing the face of the rap scene. He is very creative, from his lyrics to his vocal delivery, it’s impossible not to notice his uniqueness and genius. All of his songs have a message to deliver to the listener; which has to be a form of entertainment and enlightenment. For BIG KIDD, the best is yet to come. The artist is working hard to launch big and make a loud statement in the Australian rap scene.

“BIG KIDD is my main man. I see him as one of the few people who will eventually lead the rap game in Australia to the next level. He is creative, very energetic, and has a good idea of what the audience wants. Apart from listening to his songs I also watch him perform in shows and I think he is a good entertainer. You can never be bored watching BIG KIDD,” said John K, a fan.

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