Be In Control And Stay Safe With Family Orbit Parental Monitoring Software

Parental Monitoring Software

Internet connectivity is one of the benefits you’ll have to give whenever you present an iPhone or Android device to your young one. Parents should make sure their child gets maximum learning potential while securing a safe environment.

Parental control software – Family Orbit is the best monitoring app you can install in your son’s or daughter’s iPhone device. It’s every parent’s best friend when it comes to protecting their teenager or kid’s safety on the world wide web. The app empowers you to stop predators and bullies before they cause significant harm.

Family Orbit is free to try. Parents can sign up for one account and register multiple iPhone and Android devices for the whole family. You’ll have an all-in-one software app to control, monitor and if necessary, limit usage.


Do you know who your child speaks with day in and day out? Use Family Orbit to collect important call data such as Call Records, Address Book and stored iMessages, SMS and text. You’ll also be able to access the phone’s WhatsApp photo sharing and chat messages, including video sharing history. Last but not the least, you can browse through your child’s website activity and see when and what they’re visiting.

Parental Control

All iPhone and Android data will be sent to a web-based Control Panel that also gets notifications for various kinds of activities. Get alerted when your child searches for certain search topics. You can then block the potentially dangerous apps and websites.

GPS Tracker

Get the ability to find your child’s whereabouts whenever you want. Family Orbit uses the same technology as Find My iPhone, showing you the exact GPS location via a real-time tracker. The iPhone user can also send out an SOS via the Panic and Pickup Emergency button.

Screen Lock

Parents can now set lock and unlock parameters for device usage. You can program daily usage for certain times, i.e., when it’s time for dinner, homework, bedtime, etc. for better focus and overall health.


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