Boomr’s Time Clock Software & Mobile Time Tracking App is Used by Over 100K Users

Many small to medium-sized businesses have started to use Boomr’s time clock software and mobile time tracking apps as part of their overall employee time tracking and workforce management operations in full swing on a daily basis over the years.

Currently, more than 35,000 companies are using Boomr’s time clock software and mobile time tracking apps to track timesheets and payroll for over 100,000 employees daily in aggregate.

Boomr’s Time Clock Software Overview

Boomr, created in 2013, is an amazing set of workforce management solutions with simple to use time clock software and mobile time tracking apps for iPhone & Android users to that help employees and the employers maintain and manage their employee timesheets and other related workforce data with ease in the cloud.

Boomr’s time tracking software solutions are designed to log work hours and keep track of employee timesheets no matter where they are located. The real-time GPS time tracking app and data aggregation also shows the duration of time worked by the employee along with the money he/she made during that period which can be easily reported to HR for payroll processing.

Boomr’s CEO, Matt Bowersox says: “Our mission from the beginning has been to automate the time tracking process as much as possible so that busy employees don’t have to think about submitting timesheets. They can just go to work while the app runs in the background. Employees are prompted to confirm when and where they are working with an intuitive user interface and then shown how much money they made on a day-to-day basis. The feedback we get most consistently is that employees love seeing their earnings down to the minute and always know what to expect on their next paycheck.”

Features of Boomr’s Time Clock Software

Boomr has a lot of timesheets, staff scheduling, hours logging and workforce management features built in to boast about.

Timesheets: It enables prompt time logging for the employees wherever they are working using a mobile application.

Has an inbuilt machine learning algorithm to eliminate timesheet padding otherwise known as time theft. This saves an average of 1-2 hours of work time, which adds to a few thousand when it comes to savings for the employers.

Employers get to see the exact work hours and employee salary making it easy for payroll with their integration options with HR & payroll software like Gusto, Xero, BambooHR, QuickBooks Online, Namely, Justworks, Paychex, and ADP.

Overtime hours are automatically calculated and added separately.

The time clock app shows live earnings every time your log your out time which many employees say is motivating and rejoicing to see what they have made for the day.

Being available in mobile time tracking app and web time clock makes it easily accessible in every way.

Another additional advantage of the mobile application is GPS enabled logging which is beneficial for the employee to auto log in time and for the employer to check the accountability of their employees.

Who uses Boomr’s Time Clock Software?

Boomr initially offered services to smaller offices ranging from 2 to 50 employees in total, yet due to great demand have increased their time clock software offerings to larger businesses too. Their time tracking services are adaptable for any kind of industry, as they work with construction companies, law firms, accountants, home health care agencies and creative agencies to plumbers, nonprofits, landscapers, and offices. Boomr recently introduced their premium services catering to a wider demography of larger companies with up to 1500 employees.

Originating in California, Boomr has spread across the US borders too with its variety of services abroad now. To date, about 15% of Boomr’s customers are not from the US and still expanding into the UK, Canada, Australia, and other nations too.


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