All The Weapon Mods In Tears Of The Kingdom And How To Get Them

All The Weapon Mods In Tears Of The Kingdom And How To Get Them:

If you’re brand-new to Tears of the Kingdom, you might be thinking what Weapon Modifiers are as well as how you can get one. Within simple terms, the factors increase the stats of your weapon until it breaks.

When it was first shown in Zelda BotW, the same concept was thought to be pretty useful. But because it was too strong, many of the factors were nerfed. That made people wonder what number of Weapon Modifiers are in Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.

This means that when the stat boosts are used, they will last till your weapon breaks. However, in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s a whole different process to put these changes on your weapons and shields.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, some of the tools you pick up will have changes to them. These changes could make these guns last longer or provide a boost when they’re used in battle.

You will discover them on odd weapons around the world, as well as are methods to give them to your own guns as you play. Here’s what you must understand regarding Tears of the Kingdom’s Weapon Modifiers as well as how to get them.

How Many Ways Are There To Change A Weapon?

Tears of the Kingdom has given us five Weapon Modifiers so far. But there were up to 8 of them in the Zelda BotK. Some people think that just a few of them are going to return back to the game. Below is a list of all the current and past ones for your information.

For Every Weapon Mod:

From what we’ve seen, Tears of the Kingdom has six different kinds of weapons that can be changed. When you move your mouse over an item in your collection, a small icon as well as a longer description will show you if it has any of these changes.

Each change to a weapon’s stats has a color that shows how good the change is. White, Green, Blue, as well as Gold are the names of these words.

The worst quality is white, and the best quality is gold. These weapon mods can be discovered in Tears of the Kingdom, as well as I’ve explained how each one works.

Weapon Modifier Available Gear Weapon Modifier Explanation
Attack Up Melee and Ranged Weapons Increases the overall attack power of the weapon when used in combat.
Critical Hit Melee Weapons Increases the attack of the final blow when completing an attack combo with a weapon.
Durability Up Melee and Ranged Weapons, along with Shields This weapon will take longer before it breaks from being used, in and out of combat.
Long Throw Melee Weapons It makes throwing this weapon at a longer distance to hit a target easier.
Quick Shot Bows Increases the draw speed of the bow.
Shield Guard Up Shields only It provides more protection against oncoming attacks when blocking with the shield.


How To Get Weapon Mods And Put Them On:

Find Rock Octorok to get Weapon Modifiers and put them on one of your weapons. Most of the time, you can find this creature in the northwest part of the Marakuguc Shrine.

Once you find it, all you have to do is put the weapon in front of it, and the machine will take it in. After a few moments, it will throw a weapon at you that has been fixed and changed. But when it does, you need to be careful or it could kill you.

If you grant it a weapon that doesn’t have any mods on it, it will give you a White-level mod update. But if you offer it a weapon that comes with a Green or Blue improvement, it could give you the gold level or fix it and give you the Blue level again.

The weapon modify level can be seen by the color of the background of the weapon in your collection. Also, remember that Rock Octorok is able to repair and change weapons when there is a Blood Moon.

All of the known Weapon Modifiers along with how to use them within Tears of the Kingdom are now covered. Check out this compilation of the greatest weapons in TotK if you’re not sure what to use. Check out how to get Diamonds as well as Rupees within the game as well.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, there are two ways to change the way your weapons work. The first way, which is less likely to work, is finding them as you move around the game.

There is a chance that any tool you find in the world has one of these changes on it. When a Blood Moon happens, all weapons as well as gear are reset. This means that you can go back to places where you know you can always get a weapon to see if you can get a weapon modifier instead.

Find a Rock octopus. This is the second way. You need to drop the weapon on top of the Rock Octorock, wait for it to be eaten, and then get ready to block the assault when the Octorock spits it backward at you.

It has been proven that when you offer a Rock Octorock a weapon, it not only makes the weapon better, but it also makes it last longer.

Rock Octorocks are often found in the northeast part of the map, near Death Mountain. They can be found all over this area. At locations 1435, 2354, and 0323, we found a single upon the south side of the Golow River.


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