Where To Find The Zonaite Armor Set And How To Solve The Puzzles In Tears Of The Kingdom

Where To Find The Zonaite Armor Set And How To Solve The Puzzles In Tears Of The Kingdom:

One of the best sets of armor within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the Zonaite Armor. It additionally happens to be one of the hardest to find, which makes sense. Each piece is hidden on a Sky Island that can’t be reached by floating or flying.

Since Zonai gadgets are so important in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll soon need more energy.

The Zonaite clothing Set is a set of clothing that can help you use Zonai technology while using less energy. And even if you wear all three, you’ll only use a small amount of energy.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, getting the Zonaite Armor Set is one of the hardest things to do. The Zonaite Helm, the Zonaite Waist-guard, as well as the Zonaite Shin Guards make up the set.

Each piece occupies a distinct Sky Island, as well as to get to them, you have to use different tools. Here is a list of where each piece of Zonaite Armor can be found.

Tears of the Kingdom: The Legend of Zelda has a lot to give. From a huge, well-designed wide world to an intriguing and engrossing story, there are a lot of ways to spend a lot of time in it.

It also has some interesting game features that make it easier to travel across Hyrule and fight the bad guys who live there. One such noticeable addition is Zonaite tools.

How To Obtain All Three Pieces Of Zonaite Armor:

The Zonaite armor headpiece is situated on Light-cast Island, which is way up in the sky above the Tabantha region. It’s so high up that there’s almost no gravity there, and it’s freezing. When you get there, be ready to fight off the cold.

The Tabantha Sky Archipelago is located south of Rito Village, on Light-cast Island. If you’ve already made it to the Ganos Shrine, this would be the closest way to get back here.

From here, you are able to see Light-cast Island within the distance to the north, yet it is both far away and higher up. You’ll require fans, rockets, and a Wing, which you can buy at the Zonai gadget vendor nearby.

Set up a plane, it’s pretty easy by using the Auto Build tool, and use it to fly over and up to Light-cast Island. Once you get there, you’ll need to turn on a bright Zonai ring upon the west side of the island to drain the water where the light was shining.

Go to where the light is pointed and break the rocks there to get into this dark area. The goal here is to use the mirrors to point the light towards the back of the room.

To do this, you’ll need to move between the platforms to the left of the door and manually move the mirrors to direct the light to where you need it, which is in the back of the room.

Putting the light in the middle of this back room can make the light go up and down. Get an extra Mirror as well as shine a downward light at the orange square on the wall to make it green.

After the hexagon turns green, stand right in front of it and Ascend up. You’ll find a chest that contains the Zonaite Helm in it.

How Do I Reach The Island Of Zonai Forge?

At the northern tip of the island, there is a movable platform alongside a rocket upon it as well as several extra rockets sitting around. Move each rocket to the stage with Ultra-hand, but don’t connect them yet. Set them up so they won’t fall over.

You can’t get to Zonai Forge Island with a wing, and you’ll need every rocket on this island to get there. When you’re ready to start, hit the single rocket that’s already there. After the first rocket goes away, attach another one and continue doing this until you’re at the same level as Forge Island.

You can move towards the island by using your last rocket or a fan. As you get closer, your flying platform will begin to blink before it go away. Get off the boat before it disappears and float towards the island.

How Can I Receive The Zonaite Waist-guard?

Use the ring to turn on the fans on the chimney stacks, which you can then use to get to the top stack on the island.

You have to jump into the middle stack while avoiding the Mission Impossible lasers. Because the fan makes so much pressure, you have to hold down the dive button the whole time.

Once you reached the bottom, turn on Yansamin Shrine. Take out your hydrant device and use it to make platforms out of the lava behind the shrine, as near to the wall that you can.

When you jump on the platform and activate Ascend, you’ll appear in a secret room with a box holding the Zonaite Waist-guard, which gives you +4 defense and lowers the amount of energy your Zonai device uses.

Where To Get Zonaite Shin Guards:

For the Zonaite trousers, you need to travel to the Akkala Sky Mine, located in the sky islands above the Rist Peninsula within the eastern part of the map.

If you’ve opened the Natak Shrine within the Sokkala Sky Mine, you can start there. If not, the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower will launch you up to the right spot.

No matter how you get into the air, head to the group of plus-shaped islands over the Rist Peninsula and the big circle island next to them.

When you get to the Akkala Sky Mine, you have to go down to the lowest level to find a bright Zonai ring that tells you to check it out. When you do this, the big pushers upon the platforms above are turned on.

Once the pushers are working, use them to get to the highest island. From there, you’ll have a good view of the big sphere with a hole on top, which is to the west of the plus-shaped islands and has several big boxes all around it.

Here, you’ll be pushing the levers to make the pusher turn around and line up with the sphere. The goal is to use Ultra-hand to grasp one of the boxes as well as shoot it through the hole in the sphere.

Once you have done this, use the tool to throw Link into the sphere as well. When you place the block upon the handle inside, the sphere will start to turn.

Now that the bottom hole is easier to get to, this new pattern lets you safely jump out of the sphere and get back in from the bottom. Float to the bottom and open the prize box to find the Zonaite Shin Guards.

How To Locate The Zonaite Helm:

Once you get to the island, save your game because there isn’t a fast travel place. Pay attention to how you land when you jump. Gravity was low here, so if you jump, you’ll go farther and higher.

Turn on the ring at the western end of the island, blow up the stones within the middle of the island, as well as go inside. There will be two mirrors there. Use the ultra-hand to move one towards the other end of the room until you see it hit another mirror.

Travel to that mirror as well as repeat the process until the light is shining down from the last mirror.

Go back to the stage with the two mirrors and employ the Ultra-hand to manoeuvre the extra mirror through the room till you hit the vertical light. Put the mirror down there as well as tilt it towards the orange square that is shining. If you have to, kill the Construct first.

The whole room will be filled with light. Move towards the center of the now-green hexagon and use Ascend. You’ll pop into the front of the box containing the Zonaite Helm, which, such as the other parts of this set, gives you +4 defense and makes your Zonai device use less energy.


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