How To Get The Tunic Of Memories And The Well-Worn Hair Band In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get The Tunic Of Memories And The Well-Worn Hair Band In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom, gamers go back to Breath of the Wild’s huge world of Hyrule, where they face new trials and find new things in the fields, mountains, caves, and even the sky.

Players are also going to notice that the popular hero Link looks different now. He has a powerful fresh arm made from old technology, and he also has his hair down.

You can get a lot of different armors in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For example, you can get the Froggy Armor by doing a long side quest, or you can buy the Flam breaker Armor from a store in Gordon City.

For those who liked how Link looked in Breath of the Wild better, a set of clothing has been included in Tears of the Kingdom so that players can bring back the charm of his look from Breath of the Wild. The Well-Worn Hairband is one of the things in this set.

How To Get The Armor Of The Tunic Of Memories:

Having the Tunic of Memories from Link’s previous story set is a big adventure, just like getting the Champion’s Leathers, the gear Link wore at the beginning of Tears of the Kingdom.

But instead of facing the scary things in Hyrule Castle, you’ll be exploring the Depths. To get the seventh statue, you need to find and connect with all six secret Bargainer statues down there, as well as finish the A Call From the Depths sub quest.

Once you’ve found and prayed to all seven figures, their powers can be combined to make the Tunic of Memories, the Dark Set, as well as the Set of the Depths. But you won’t get your prize for nothing.

Before you try to open all of the Bargainer Statues, as soon as you discover them and finish the Adventure, you should try to get as many Poes as you can, because you’ll need four hundred of them to buy the hat when the time comes.

When you have enough Poes, talk to any Bargainer Statue, including the one within Lookout Landing, and purchase the Tunic, which has a base Defense of 4.

What Is A Well-Worn Hair Band?

The Well-Worn Hair Band was a piece of head armor that is only for looks. It doesn’t protect you and doesn’t offer any protection.

It’s a blue hair tie that lets players put Link’s hair in a ponytail, which is one of the most recognizable parts of his look in Breath of the Wild. Unfortunately, it’s the only method available to change Link’s hairstyle right now.

The Well-Worn Hair Band has a great, retro look, but it can’t be worn with another piece of head amour at the same time. This means that players can’t get set bonuses or additional buffs that require a certain piece of head armor.

It’s important to know that the matched pieces of Champions’ gear don’t come as a set, so Link won’t get any extra benefits from wearing all three.

How To Retrieve The Well-Used Hair Band:

You can get the Well-Worn Hair Band much more easily. Go to Hateno town within the southeast of Hyrule. Zelda and Link’s house is at the west end of the town, near Firly Pond.

There, you’ll find Zelda’s Secret Well. If you jump down, you’ll find her book and a gold chest close. The Hair Band is in the chest. It has an initial Defense of 0, which makes it more of an emotional or aesthetic choice than a useful one.

Link’s standard Breath of the Wild look is made up of the Tunic of Memories, the Well-Worn Hair Band, and the Hylian Trousers. For a more modern look, Link can wear the Champion’s Leathers instead of the Hylian Trousers and the Well-Worn Hair Band.

Even though wearing it all doesn’t give you any secondary benefits, it looks good and provides some of the greatest defensive stats within the game.

Stats On A Well-Used Hair Band:

Unlike other caps and related gear within Tears of the Kingdom, the Well-Worn Hair Band doesn’t add any extra defense and can’t be improved at Great Fairy Fountains.

Since the thing in question is more of a decoration than a way to improve your stats, the choice of deciding whether or not to wear Link’s famous hair comes down to how it looks.

It might not be as strong as the Soldier’s Helm or Midna’s Gloom Resistance Helmet, but what it lacks actually defiance it makes up for in style.

Check out Zelda’s notebook, which is on the desk at the bottom of the well. It will talk about a piece of gear that Zelda had made for Link to give him as a gift before the Upheaval.

This will start the side quest A New Champion’s Tunic, which will tell you how to get the Champion’s Leather chest piece, which Link wore at the beginning of the game.


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