All Of Persona 4 Golden’s Boxed Lunch Recipes

All Of Persona 4 Golden’s Boxed Lunch Recipes:

Trying to make the perfect school lunch in a box, but it always turns out terrible? Well, we’ve made a list of the right answers for creating the best boxed lunch within Persona 4 Golden.

If you bring a great boxed lunch to school, you can eat lunch with a friend and get to know them better. The Cooking with Gas Trophy can also be earned by making five boxed lunches.

Characters are one of the best parts of any Persona game, as well as Persona 4 Golden had a great group of them. At Yasogami High, the people you meet are both fun and different, which makes it easy for you to desire to hanging out with them.

In Persona 4 Golden, the main character goes to school and works a part-time job like any other high school student.

Trying to figure out what’s going on with the gruesome killings in his once-peaceful town During this study, the main character shows off an amazing set of abilities, one of which is that he or she is a good cook.

With his cooking skills, the main character can make boxed lunches that may assist him make friends with other students, as long as he makes the right decisions while making the dish.

We have put together a list of the right choices you’ll want to make to make sure your food turn out great. Here’s everything you have to know about making boxed lunches within Persona 4: Golden.

When To Cook, As Well As What Are The Advantages?

In Persona 4 Golden, the main character can’t cook until Nanako tells him that she went shopping and that the fridge is full of food. If you aren’t sure if this has happened, you are able to examine the fridge for items without making a promise to cook.

Cooking takes all night and only makes one meal, which can be split with another student. You can’t choose the meal you want to cook. Instead, you are going to receive a prompt that tells you which dishes you can make with the items you already have.

On the next day of school, you’ll get a lunch break reminder and can choose to eat with a Yasogami High student with whom you’ve made friends. You as well as the student will go up to the roof to eat together, and the student’s reply will depend on how well the food was cooked.

If the main character cooks the food well, you’ll get a pair Social Link points after the lunch scene. If the dinner was one of the other student’s, you will get an extra Social Link point.

So, if you want to get the most social link points, you should plan ahead and choose who is having lunch with based on what you made the night before.

What Are Lunch Boxes?

When you check the fridge at the Dojima Residence in Persona 4 Golden, you can choose to invest the evening making lunch. When Nanako states she went shopping, you’ll know you have time to make lunch.

Check the fridge to see if there are any fresh items, and then choose to make food. This will take up your evening time for that day, but it will give you food for the next day.

In the cooking game, you will be asked how to cook the food. There is one right answer for each dish, and if you choose it, you’ll have a great lunch.

All Recipes For Boxed Lunches:

Again, you can’t cook until the evening when Nanako has refilled the fridge. Go to the Dojima home’s kitchen as well as press the A button to start cooking.

There will be a choice that asks if you’d enjoy spending the evening preparing lunch for tomorrow. You won’t be ready to cook if you don’t have any food.

You’ll be told what you can do with the items you have, and while you’re cooking, you’ll be given a choice of three ways to prepare the food.

To make sure the dish is cooked right, you must choose the right step. We’ve put together a list of all the boxed lunch recipes, the right way to make them, and the names of the students who like each food.

Boxed Lunch Correct Cooking Step Favourite Social Link
Broiled Fish Wrap it tightly Yukiko Amagi
California Rolls Soy sauce and mirin Ayane Matsunaga, Yumi Ozawa
Chakin Sushi Thinned eggs Rise Kujikawa
Cream Stew Dump in all the cold milk Ai Ebihara, Rise Kujikawa
Croquettes High Ayane Matsunaga, Chie Satonaka, Rise Kujikawa
Curry Simmer Ai Ebihara
Daigaku-Imo Deep fry them Yukiko Amagi
Fried Chicken Potato starch Chie Satonaka
Ginger Pork Score it with a knife Daisuke Nagase, Kou Ichijo
Grilled Fish Strong heat but from far away Yukiko Amagi
Gyoza Olive oil None
Hamburgers Cut a hole and look for juice Chie Satonaka
Kakuni Mirin, sugar, sake Chie Satonaka
Marinated Spinach Strain it Yukiko Amagi
Meat Stew Simmer with a drop lid Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satonaka
Mentaiko Pasta Mayonnaise Naoto Shirogane
Oden Keep on a low flame and don’t boil Yosuke Hanamura
Potato Salad Smash while still hot Ai Ebihara, Yumi Ozawa
Pudding Vanilla extract Kanji Tatsumi
Sweet and Sour Pork Use potato starch Chie Satonaka
Tonkatsu Flour, egg, and panko None
Vichyssoise Add lots of milk Ai Ebihara
Yakiniku Bento Soy sauce Chie Satonaka


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