All Festival Of Foolishness Codes For Disney Dreamlight Valley

All Festival Of Foolishness Codes For Disney Dreamlight Valley:

I’ve always loved choose-your-own-adventure stories, and playing through one again in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a great way to feel nostalgic.

Their Festival of Foolishness mini event lets you make your own story of jokes and tricks with Stitch and Donald, who are the Valley’s biggest tricksters.

You will win free codes to use in the game as you play, so you are not going to want to skip out on these gifts. Read on for a list of all the codes. Disney’s Dreamlight Valley has started a new event in its main location.

The Festival of Foolishness is the new event, and it lasts until July 10, 2023. It is a holiday that takes place in the spring and is full of tricks, silliness, and funny pranks.

We have a full list of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley Festival of Foolishness codes you can use to get free in-game items.

Gameloft, the company that made Disney Dreamlight Valley, holds numerous activities for the community to take part in. A recent event finished on a high note, since it was done faster than imagined.

As the Festival of Foolishness starts, the giving mood keeps going. Players can use a bunch of codes to get additional supplies, other extra things, and even unlock some items.

Codes For The Festival Of Foolishness:

There are 9 Festival of Foolishness codes that can be found in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Each one gives a different prize made of different things. When a player redeems a code, the things will be sent to the player’s mailbox outside their home.

Code Reward
FOFSURPRISEKIT Snowballs x15, Hardwood x15,Glass x15
FOFSUCCESS Pumpkins x8
FOFLOSHARD Night Shard x5, Dream Shard x5
FOFGLITTER Moonstone x150
FOFCATCHDAY Anglerfish x5, Fugu x5, Kingfish x5
FOFLOGEMS Diamond x3, Ruby x3, Sapphire x3
FOFTROPHY Moonstone x150
FOFCRAFTYKIT Clay x5, Fabric x5, Cotton x5
FOFSOUVENIR Iron Ingot x5, Gold Ingot x5, Tinkering Parts x5

How To Get A Code To Work:

To use a Festival of Foolishness code, go to the Dreamlight Valley Settings menu and then click “Help.” Then you can enter the above redemption codes, and the things will be sent to your in-game locker.

How To Take Part In The Festival Of Folly:

Fans meet up on the official Discord server for the Disney Dreamlight Valley Festival of Foolishness event. This event offers a unique choose-your-own-adventure story where YOU decide what happens. It stars Stitch and Donald Duck, two of our best friends.

Players must sign up for the official Discord group in order to take part in the Festival of Foolishness event. It’s a story-based task where players can start by going to the Festival of Foolishness channel after joining the server. From there, anyone can learn the rules and start a game based on a story.

Players will read a line that puts them in the middle of the story, followed by they will be asked to choose between two possible next steps for Donald Duck as well as Stitch. Depending on how the questions are answered, the final number will be different.


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