The Top 10 FPS Games On Roblox

The Top 10 FPS Games On Roblox:

There are a lot of shooting games out there, from AAA titles such as GTA 6 to competitive titles such as PUBG Mobile. But what if you could play different shooting games all on the same platform?

Roblox makes this possible with its huge number and variety of unique games. There’s something for everyone, from copies of famous games to games that are completely new. So, it’s time to look at the 15 best shooting games on Roblox and find the best one for yourself and your friends.

There aren’t many free games that let you play a full first-person shooter. Even though Call of Duty: Warzone is a unique take on the game, many people who want to play it might not be able to because it requires high specs.

Then, players can try Roblox FPS games, which are not only simple to operate but also a lot of fun to play. We’ve listed the 10 best first-person shooter (FPS) games on Roblox that are fun to play on PC, mobile, or Xbox.

Point Of Entry:

Entry Point was a first-person shooter (FPS) game where you have to sneak around and do 15 different tasks. You’ll rob banks, break into the homes of millionaires, and attack military black sites.

There are a lot of guns to choose and the images are pretty good for a Roblox game. You can do the tasks alone or with companions, or you can try out your aim in the PvP game.


Arsenal’s game ranks as one of the most interesting ones on this list. It doesn’t try to be like other popular military games. Instead, it’s a lot funnier and lets you light matches on beaches, houses, and even rockets.

It even has silly outfits and guns that players can try on and use. If you’re tired of Roblox’s more serious games and want to try something different, Arsenal is a good choice.

Bad Business:

Bad Business is a single of the few games on Roblox that really tries to make you forgot you’re playing. The game has a distinctive in-depth system for moving forward, a familiar way to build up your loadout, and lots of skins for players who complete tasks.

It’s a team-based game, but don’t be surprised if a lot of people don’t care about taking goals because kills are better for levelling up.

Michael’s Zombies:

Michael’s Zombies is an all new zombie game on Roblox where you have to protect yourself from waves of coming zombies. You’ll team up with other players in order to see how much longer you can fight.

As you play, you can use and unlock different tools, as well as you’re going to require them since the waves get harder and harder. You’ll also have to kill bosses and fight strong, unique zombies that have power-ups.

Shots Fired:

This Roblox shooting game combines pop culture with battle by using characters, maps, and guns from well-known movies and TV shows. Shootout is mostly about old-fashioned western worlds, but you are able to virtually use any kind of fighting style.

Everyone, from space fighters to samurais, thinks of this Roblox world as their home. What counts is how well you fight for your spot in the world and how effectively you stand your ground.

GREAT Paintball:

BIG Paintball is a few of the more popular first-person shooter games on Roblox that uses paintball guns instead of regular guns. Back in 2019, they won an award.

In Big Paintball, you have to tag your opponents with paint to get better guns. If you get hit once, you’ll die and go back to base right away. Even though it’s easy to die, it’s a very calm game that you won’t get mad at even if you lose.

Counter Blocks:

Even though it came out in 2015, this is still one of the most beloved first-person shooter games on the site, with good reason. Counter Blox has only a few game types, which is what you would anticipate from a copy of CSGO.

The maps aren’t too hard to figure out, especially if you like the game it’s based on. Most of the time, the game is also fair because when you hit an enemy, you really do hit an enemy.

Foam Frenzy:

Foam Frenzy was a shooting game on Roblox, but there are no guns in it. You only have a foam gun, which is a lot like a Nerf gun. Each round is fun and fast-paced, and you can run the room by yourself or with some friends.

There are various maps for playing on, different guns with different skills, and upgrades if you kill a lot of people in a row. The game started out as a fan-made version of Big Paintball, so some of the same rules apply.

Energy Assault:

Energy Assault is a good choice for players who want something that moves quickly. You can move up in rank based on how well you play, and there are tones of cosmetics, skins, and guns for you to use.

S.W.A.T Simulator:

S.W.A.T. Simulator is really two games in one. There are training tasks where you study how to operate raid rooms as well as buildings,

Then there are a lot of different situations where you have to use what you’ve learned. This could also be on the list of the greatest Roblox computer games, but we put it in the shooting games section.

You and your friends can play with real SWAT gear and guns, or you can play by yourself. It’s a highly recommended game, but it’s not very famous on Roblox. If it sounds fun, you should go check it out.


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